Friday, September 11, 2009

Inspiration =o)

Look what I found! A family member posted this on facebook and I was soooo happy. I have never seen a picture of my father as a child. I have his army picture but he was 16 at the time. Dad is the one on the far left. Eric thinks he looks like him and thinks Dad had the same sneakers as he all stars. =o).
This is what inspired me to do a photo book for my sisters, and dad for xmas. I am stoked and cant wait to get started but I'm waiting on everyone to dig out some pics for me. Must start nagging..that always works.

School Days!

Miss Abby on her first day of school with her ginormous bag. She wanted one like her big brother has and NOT a backpack because they arent as nice. I think I have to go get her a backpack anyway because this one just slides off her little shoulder.

My handsome boy. He's in the 6th grade year, Junior High!
I still havent been able to pin down the teenager. She just started Grade 11, has a nice boyfriend and is currently job hunting. It's about time I round them all up for pics since our fall photo shoot is where I get the best shots.