Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Room...finally

It's been finished for a while now but I never did get around to posting pics. I love my purple couch...the fabric is chenille and oh so soft. Got it at a yard sale quite some time ago, reupholstered the cushions and voila. Got the paint free and my mom did the roman blinds...which I love. I am now trying to talk my sister into giving me an old square teak coffee table she has in her basement. The nice thing, the kids dont even mess this room up. They rarely watch tv in it since the living room in the apartment is still set up and all the toys are they cant eat in here. Will take pics of Abby's completed bedroom and post later today.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Money well spent

This is summer number 3 for the pool and we have definitely gotten our moneys worth. We'll upgrade to something bigger once Miss Abby learns to swim but for now, its great. Just thought I'd share a few pics because I havent posted any in a while.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Roughing it?

Ha. Not quite. I spent the weekend camping in my fathers yard. We had planned on going to a campground near his house but he talked us into staying in his save money and allow everyone to have a few drinks without having to travel. Sure, not problem. We figured we stay in the camper, do our own cooking and not impose. LOL. Woke up Sat. morning to the smell of breakfast cooking. My stepmother actually set the table and served ham, bacon, toutons, eggs, toast and fresh tea, coffee and juice. It was awesome but we had set up our camp kitchen outside for nothing. She promised to let hubby do the Sun. morning breakfast and I was given the task of preparing the Sat. night supper. Too funny. She started cooking Sat. evening...but did allow me to help a little. We had tbones, cedar plank salmon, cheddar smokies, twice baked potatoes, bbq ribs, broccoli, corn on the cob, mushrooms and onions and I think thats wait, fresh rolls and asparagus. Ok, thats it. She was a little upset that no one wanted to eat the cheesecake she had for dessert. A few hours later, while we sat outside by the fire with drinks, out she comes with crab legs, shrimp, nachos and salsa and a tray of cheese, polish sausage and crackers. I'm almost done forward to Sun. morning where hubby had planned to cook breakfast...she got up before everyone again and made steak and eggs (from the leftover tbones because you know it all didnt get eaten) and then there were other leftovers that needed to be cooked. God forbid you should have half a lb of bacon, or a hunk of unused frying ham in the fridge...and then there was that bit of touton dough that went unused the day before...and wait, whats a Sunday morning breakfast without fresh cinnamon buns?????

I will never be hungry again AND that 12 lb loss from the low iodine diet, is back...and then some.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The return of Radioactive Girl....

I'm home. Discharged from the hospital yesterday. It was hideously boring. I truly thought I'd enjoy a little break from life. I mean c'mon...48 hours alone, in a quiet room with a ton of new books, movies and portable dvd player...sounds like heaven right? I was bored to tears! Every surface in the room was covered with some sort of plastic backed paper...tables, chair and even the floor. I spent a bit of time doodling...ok, so I totally redecorated the place. I'd sprawl out on the floor and draw pictures, house plans and little notes that prove I almost went insane. NO PEOPLE AND NO SALT MAKE JOEY GO CRAZY! lol. The guy from nuclear medicine thought it was amusing.
Anyhoo. I didnt get sick...just a few hours of nausea and the shakes. Now I have wicked stomach cramps and a sore neck (with a new bruise that just seemed to appear before my eyes) but as long as I'm not vomiting...all is well.

I am staying at home for the weekend since hubby has the kids camping. I'll leave before they return tomorrow...I can come back home on Wednesday for some much needed hugs.

FYI. This superhero thing doesnt seem to be working out. No powers yet. Perhaps I got one of the lame the ability to vaccuum really good or answer the phone before the first ring. Sucks..I really wanted invisibility.

I am not a potty mouth!

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Monday, July 14, 2008

A day from hell

Woke up at 6am (even though my alarm was set for 7) because I was soaking wet. It seems a wee one woke up sometime during the night because she wet the bed, and since I heard nothing, she crawled in with me and went back to sleep. Got up, stripped the beds, got dressed and rushed to the medical clinic for bloodwork. Rushed into the city for my thyrogen injection only to learn that I'm part of a study and will have to return several times a year for the next five years!!! Just for follow ups but still....I knew it was an experimental drug but not that I was taking part in a study...should totally make them pay for my gas. Anyway, the shot itself burned like hell but that was it. Left there and rushed, again, to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. No rush took 40 min...pure hell. After that I took my computer to the fix it face was swollen, still numb and I had a wad of gauze in my mouth...I think the guy felt sorry for me because he said he'd have my computer ready tomorrow and he's never that fast. Yay.
I'm having severe face pain now so I'll probably leave work early. Back to the hospital in the morning for another injection and I plan on spending the day with the kids doing fun stuff since I wont see them for 8 days. =o(
Thats gonna be hard.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Viruses suck! and other stories.

I am without a computer at home for a few days. I have a virus and nothing works. Grrrr. I plan on bringing it to the computer guys in the morning but they never have it ready on the same if all goes well, by Tuesday. After that I dont care as long as its back in the house by Fri. evening when I 'hopefully' return from the hospital.

Tomorrow I have to be at my Dr.'s office by 8am for pregnancy tests...blood and urine. Why cant they just take my word for it? Then off to the hospital for an injection of some sort...then to the dentist for an extraction, then grocery shopping, home for an hour or so, then off to work. Not looking forward to it. I hate being busy. Back to the hospital on Tues. for another injection (note to self: find out what they are injecting me with. lol) and then I'll be admitted on Wed. Not sure how the radioactive iodine is administered.
Got my radioactive time all worked out. Hospital for 2-3 days, home for 2 (Jerry will be camping with the kids) and then off to my sisters for the remainder of my sentence. If I'm sick, she'll leave me alone...if I'm not sick, I can forage through her store and find goodies for me.

***Jay (aka Gertrude), I got your card today! Thanks so much. =o)

Blanche...hope you're feeling better. Try not to miss me too much.

Paloma...I know you'll miss me terribly. Hope you can survive during my absence.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Worried, me? Nah.

Perhaps a little. The teenager caused me some stress this evening. She asked to be dropped off at a friends at noon today and I was to pick her up around supper time. Called on her cell and she asked if she could stay later..sure, no prob. I told her I'd call around 9 as I had to go somewhere and would get her along the way. No answer. Called again and again and, well, you get the idea. She has NEVER not answered her's her lifeline. Sent hubby out to find her and she wasnt at either of the 3 friends houses she'd said she 'might' be at. Still no answer. So, for a little over an hour I had the pleasure of worrying myself sick....not a nice feeling and I have got to call my mom and apoligize for doing this to her so many times. Finally the little bugger calls...she was swimming at another friends and left the phone somewhere. I'm a tad pissed. I know there will be many many many more nights of worry over the next few years (and according to my mom, forever since the worry never ends) so I might have to start drinking now.

6 days til I go get radioactive. I'm trying to arrange life before I go so that things run smoothly in my absence. This isnt working as well as I had planned. Hubby is working 2 jobs...5am-10pm most days. Trying not to take advantage of the teenager/babysitter but I think we might have to. There'll be big bucks in it for her if she does it without complaint but it's still too much to ask....6 very long days of babysitting. I just realized that the 16th isnt that far away...must get something worked out.

Thats it. Well now, I dont have as much to worry about as I thought. Yay me.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Abby's actual birthday was June 25th but we waited until yesterday to have her party...good thing too because the weather last weekend was horrible and yesterday was perfect. We did a little mini carnival with lots of prizes. There was a fish pond, tattoo parlor, inflatable jumpy castle, trampoline, guess the jellybeans,penny toss game plus regular backyard toys. The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves. Here are a few random order since I uploaded backwards. lol. The tattoo on Em's leg is drawn on with a sharpie

Thursday, July 03, 2008

We're Back!

Ok, so we actually got back on Monday but I havent had the time, or inclination to blog. I'm here now though. =o)
The weather on our camping trip was horrible....cold and rainy all.the.time. The nights were fun as the rain usually stopped and we could sit around the campfire with marshmallows and weiners....and wine! lol. Daytime was a tad hellish in my opinion. Hubby and the kids had fun...myself and Em holed up in the camper most of the time with books. I did manage one hike and a visit to the marine interpretation to follow...but it seemed like a waste of gas to me. I got sick on Monday and basically whined until we came home. lol. So thats it. I'm quite busy now with party planning..Abby's bday is on Sat and I havent got a thing done for the party yet. Stay tuned for tons of pics in the next few days.