Thursday, October 21, 2010

No sexy here!

I was going through some hand me down clothes today (from my 10 year old niece to Abby) and decided to be pissed off. There were so many cute, brand name items in the bag but almost everything had SEXY written on it. When did it become ok for our little girls to wear this crap? I tossed the $50 tshirts back into my very own giveaway bag so some other parent, or really tiny adult skank, can have a go at it.
My child wears leggings almost all the time. I have bought jeans...the cutest apple bottoms in size 6x and skinny jeans because they just look darn cute on tiny people...but when she sits and all I see is butt crack....they too get tossed in the giveaway bag.
I'm thinking that my child might have to be the unfashionable one wearing track pants to school....I'll probably have to remove the bedazzled sweetheart, angel and hot stuff from the rear of those too but at least they'll cover her ass.