Friday, May 23, 2008


What a difference a day makes.
Yesterday high winds blew our trampoline into the street and cracked it in two. Hubby wanted to put a rush on the house..getting it on the market asap so we can buy something right away. I cut back my hours at work because he'll be working two jobs this summer and someone needs to be home with the kids.
Today the trampoline is fixed. Yay! Hubby WILL ask his father for land to build on but he doesnt want to rush the house..we'll do the work that needs to be done over the next few months and put it up for sale in the fall. I have a lead on another job. I have to talk to someone first because I cant give up my current job as the other one doesnt have health benefits and I'd like to find a way to do both.

Went to the dr. today. Ugh. I have to get my radioactive iodine treatment on July 16th. I go on the 14th and 15th for injections and get admitted on the 16th. For the 2 weeks prior to treatment I have to go on a low iodine diet...holy shit its a harsh diet! lol. It's one of those diets where the list of things you CAN eat is very very short. The list of what I cant eat almost made me cry. No milk, cheese, eggs, dairy products, seafood, salt or salty snacks, restaurant or asian foods, canned foods (soups, sauces, fruit, veggies etc), pizza, convenience foods, white breads, CHOCOLATE...the list goes on and on and on it seems. I can have meat (beef, pork or chicken) but only 4 oz per day and fresh fruits and I wont die but it will be hard, especially since I cant add salt or butter or other good stuff. I have do continue this diet after treatment until my scan...a week later. I hope to God I lose a few lbs..some good has to come of my suffering.
The worst part of this..the part that actually made me tear up in the Doctors office....I have to stay away from small children and pregnant women for 8 days AFTER I get out of the hospital. *sniff* Abby is considered a small child. I dont think I can go that long without my Abby cuddles.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A few days in the life... again! I havent been in this many pictures in my life! Who cares if I'm fat, not me. Actually, I think seeing myself in pics is more helpful when it comes to dieting. Perhaps I should have a bikini photo shoot?? lol, Nah, not ready for that yet. Took the kids (minus the teenager who was left at home raking the yard..her choice) to the beach today. We were hoping the bergs would be in a little closer so we could take better pics but it was not to be. They were way out. The weather was beautiful though so just being outside in the fresh air was a treat.

We spent much of the weekend working on the house. I called in sick for work on Sunday but didnt get much 'work' done at home since I was dying. Sat evening and today were productive though. We need to get this place ready to sell and there is A LOT to do...I think we should say screw it and sell as is but hubby wants to squeeze as much $ as possible out of it so we'll work some more. I found the house I want today. It's not built yet but is in the best possible area and I want it. How do you buy a house when you have a house? I need to check into bridge financing. Buying on the condition that ours sells sounds like a good idea but what if mine doesnt sell and I lose the house of my dreams? I dont think I could handle that kind of loss. lol. Hubby and I are planning on sitting down with some people...realtors and the see what our options are.

The teenager surprised me today. She was out with friend and came home with a job application from Tim Horton's (a hugely popular coffee/donut place for my 'merican friends). She's only 15 and wants a job? Whats up with that? Not sure how this will work as I work a lot and need her home to watch Eric and Abby quite often, PLUS hubby has taken on another job as a farmer for much of the summer/fall so he'll be gone all the time. I'm cutting back hours at work so that he can do that but cant cut back any more for her to take on a job. Must.Not.Discourage. I'm hoping that should she be hired, she can just give them my monthly schedule and have her schedule work around me and my days off.

And finally...I have to register my baby for kindergarten in a few days. Nooooooo. She's just a baby for God sake! Why must they grow up so fast. =o(

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is it wrong...

...that while reading the news I skipped over 'Myanamar children near starvation' to read 'Simpson Wentz wedding a fairytale'. I cant handle the bad stuff anymore and there is just so much of it, especially during the past few weeks. Makes me sad.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The stupid posts are for my coworker/schedule maker. Dont want any of the 'normal' people to think I've lost my mind. =o)
I'm trying to plan the first camping trip of the year..Canada Day Weekend in Terra last year. We're trying to make it a yearly thing. If gas prices continue to go up however, we may have to stay in the yard and stick a Malady Head sign to the clothesline pole. Ok, so I'd have to get a clothesline pole first but you get the idea.

Dear coworker/Paloma/Tammy: I know you are reading this. Please schedule me off. I'll give you a Timmy's coupon and a scratch ticket. Thank you in advance.

My Holiday Haiku

A provincial park
pretty spot for Canada Day
I will be

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ode to Paloma

A camping trip is planned
I'm sure you understand
How important it is for you
The schedule you must do
I cannot work those days
I dont care about the pays
You wont be accused of nepotism
Nothing rhymes with that

By. Joanne (who got a C in poetry)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mommy's Day

One of these years I will spend Mother's Day how I want. I've been saying it for ages now but it'll happen, I know it will. I slept in and the kids stayed quiet...awesome. Woke up to a clean house and presents on the kitchen table (plus 2 very excited kids sitting at the table). I got a lovely set of outdoor flower pots, Body Shoppe white musk perfume, lotion and bath stuff and a cedar bird feeder (plus bird seed) as well as the traditional made in school gifts. I had my tea and toast at the computer while I played scrabulous on facebook and then it was rush time. I had to get myself and Abby ready, force the boy into the shower, find missing articles of clothing and then head out the door to visit the other moms. First though, we had to go shopping to get them something because God Forbid hubby should get them something while he's out shopping for me. No, that would just be too easy. I already had my moms gift. =o) We went to see my mom, his mom and then his grandmother in the nursing home. By the time we got home I was pooped and since I had to work the overnight shift, I went to bed. Just once I'd like everyone to leave me alone and let me veg on Mother's Day. Its MY day right? I'd eat junk food and watch online episodes of the shows I miss during the week and I wouldnt get dressed. Ahhh. Maybe next year. Here are a few pics of my attempt at being in more pictures. I need my roots done. Emma isnt in any of the pics because she spent the day at her other grandmothers house...she managed to avoid helping out around here with the traditional Mommy's Day clean up but I'll hit her with a chore list later. Gotta be fair.

The last pic I just threw in because its cute. Abby has given up daytime naps but she cant make it through the day without dozing, always at suppertime. Luckily the soup was just about gone this time.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'll miss this...

Yesterday was a beautiful day weather wise so I spent a good portion of my afternoon reading on the deck. A litter of young rabbits were having a ball running around my house, into the woods, back out again etc etc. One even came up on the deck and sat near my feet...of course taking a pic was not possible because even the slightest movement caused them to dart away. Abby and I spent some time at the river catching trout in a butterfly net (we promptly released them) and we roamed around the yard looking for birds. We spotted this grouse, well actually I spotted it, it was 3 feet in front of the child and she couldnt find it. lol. After all of the exploration, I went back to reading on the deck, where I fell asleep and got a sunburn on my face...not pretty but it'll tan soon enough. Anyway, this just makes me even more against subdivision living. I need my wildlife.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Talking to my husband is like talking to a shoe, or a rock..pointless. We are getting our house ready to go on the market...hopefully by July. I would love to build a house rather than buy because...
1. Even though I know I cant build my dream home, it'll be closer to what I want than some cookie cutter house.
2. The building lot I want to build on is a bit bigger than a standard lot so I wont be crammed up against my neighbors.
3. We'll save a lot of $$$$. The lot would be very cheap and since hubby, his dad and mine are all handy, we'll be able to do quite a bit on our own.
Make sense? Back to the building lot. Hubby's dad owns a lot of awesome lot (the much coveted one) is in the area I want to live in. I would like hubby to ask his dad to sell him this the family rate of course...but hubby wont do it. He wont consider it at all. He has no problem living in that area, nothing against building vs. buying and I cant beat any other reason out of him as to why he will not ask. Even worse, I am not allowed to ask either. Huh?
He said something about having to make his own way...great, you are not asking for a handout, you are asking someone to sell you something that will be yours someday anyway.
I am getting very frustrated...not because I'm not getting my way (stomp, pout) but because I make freakin' sense! More sense than he does. Doing it my way will save us around 40k. How is this not the more appealing option?

He is trying to convince me that cookie cutter houses in sardine tin subdivisions are the way to go. Less lawn to mow, less house to clean. Never mind the bratty kids, annoying neighbors and NO privacy whatsoever. Those are all minor issues in his mind.

How do I get him to see the light????? (the light being my way. lol)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'm so confused!

I just collected the laundry and only got half a basket. I brought it to the laundry room where there was no laundry on the floor, none in the washer and none in the dryer. This has never happened, ever, seriously. Perhaps I've fallen into another dimension?