Thursday, October 21, 2010

No sexy here!

I was going through some hand me down clothes today (from my 10 year old niece to Abby) and decided to be pissed off. There were so many cute, brand name items in the bag but almost everything had SEXY written on it. When did it become ok for our little girls to wear this crap? I tossed the $50 tshirts back into my very own giveaway bag so some other parent, or really tiny adult skank, can have a go at it.
My child wears leggings almost all the time. I have bought jeans...the cutest apple bottoms in size 6x and skinny jeans because they just look darn cute on tiny people...but when she sits and all I see is butt crack....they too get tossed in the giveaway bag.
I'm thinking that my child might have to be the unfashionable one wearing track pants to school....I'll probably have to remove the bedazzled sweetheart, angel and hot stuff from the rear of those too but at least they'll cover her ass.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Color Challenge!

Argh!!!! I am the go to person whenever a friend or family member needs decor advice....and people actually listen to me...and like my ideas. Why then, is it so freaking hard for me to decide on colors for myself? My mom/seamstress wants to get started on my window treatments before the holiday I have to buy fabric. No problem. I found, and bought, 2 that I like and will find coordinating fabric later...perhaps to match the walls? lol. I fell in love with a sofa that is so neutral, it will allow me to change a room simply by changing a few cushions. Today I found an awesome chair and ottoman (fabric is yet to be decided) and an adorable table that I plan on painting...yellow (maybe). The problem is the wall color. My living room isnt very big....18x20 with 2 giant churchlike windows on one wall. The ceilings are 18ft high and the upstairs hallway is open to the living room below. So, look at the collage....make suggestions, offer up brilliant ideas and lets see if we can relieve some of this stress.

* just because I bought both fabrics doesnt mean I need to use both....I just love them and I collect birdcages so the bird print was a must have.

Monday, June 07, 2010

A slightly different To Do List

This one has no chores! No repairs! Nothing but fun stuff. I am loving this blog and all of its wonderful ideas. We decided that since hubby will be busy pretty much every day this summer with his day job, plus house building, we needed to find things to do. We hit dollarama today for some poster board and made this summer list. So far we just have a few outings planned at places the kids have been before. Hopefully as the weeks go by, they will get a little more creative. Eric added make coffee can ice cream to the list a few minutes ago...see, they'll have a full, fun list in no time. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how excited I'm getting about it all. =o)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

From a hole in the ground...

That's all we have so far....a hole...a very very large hole. We do have a whole lot of legwork done so we just wait. The foundation should be poured next week and hubby can start framing. He expects to have the framing, roof/shingles, siding, windows and stone done in 4-6 weeks...less if he gets help but this is the part he wants to do himself. Most of the tradespeople are lined up for the interior work. I am still hoping/praying to be in by October but will be ok if we arent...I HAVE to be in by Christmas though. I already have the place decorated in my head.

This rental is still a hell hole. I think the raid has been working because we dont see as many insects but they're not all gone. The basement apartment has just been rented and I hate having to be seems like I'm constantly hushing someone. I need my house! Luckily, hubby feels the same way so he might just work faster.

Kids are all good. I cant believe my baby will be 6 in a few short weeks. I still havent gotten them all together for a photo shoot but its on my list of things to do...soon.

20 days until school is out. I'm not sure if I'm happy about that. This house is way too small for everyone to be in all day long. There will be many outings this summer. =o)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


We are the rental we are forced to live in while our dream home gets built. It is a sad, sad little place. The bathroom is hideous...seriously. I should take pics but I fear people will either vomit upon seeing them, or laugh and call me a freaking moron for forking over $900 a month to rent this place. The kitchen counter is..are you ready for this??? Sponge painted!!! Yes, dark green paint with a lighter teal-ish blob shaped splotch repeated a million times. The light fixtures...we discovered this today...are cheapos that hold one max 40w bulb. I cant see a damn thing but thats probably a good thing. I know what you're thinking..just plug in a few lamps. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Tried that but most of the outlets in this place dont work. I keep trying to go to my happy place but its hard.
I can now see why people live in places like this though..they move in and they're too damn tired to even think of moving again.

*I feel bad that I havent posted pics of the kids in forever. I will take some, soon. Maybe over Easter break. =o)

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Now it feels real. The house plans have been submitted to building supply centers in the surrounding area for materials quotes. The trusses are being designed....because I need that design to have an engineer design a tall wall ($$$ extra expense but I am not giving up my 2 storey living room). The land has been measured and survey is Mon. or Tues. All building permit applications are filled out and waiting on the survey. We are ordering windows in the next few weeks because there's a big window sale. =o) So far, I'm lovin' it. I roamed around Home Depot yesterday looking at tubs and tiles and kitchen cabinets...there was some drooling. =o) I cant wait until I am allowed to start buying this stuff!

We still have a lot to do with the current house. No actual papers have been signed yet. Everything is falling into place but we need a water sample and 'maybe' a new survey..depends on the buyers lawyer. I have some stuff packed but no idea where we'll live and I dont really want to find and commit to something until this house sale is a done deal. We did look at one rental yesterday and I was a little freaked out. $900 a month and it wouldnt have been out of place at all if I had seen rats and roaches in the place.

Thats it for an update. I just realized that I have pictures on my camera from months ago. I havent taken or posted anything in ages...I think the xmas pics are still on my camera. =o) Will work on that.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Now..where was I?

Getting back to the goals I was 'supposed' to be working on in Feb. Ha! Not really happening....BUT...I have achieved other goals that I was going to put on future lists so thats something.

I havent so much as looked at the wii in over a week.
I havent been watching what I'm fact, I have been eating what I want, when I want all week....including take out..twice.

I have gone on a date with each kid... Took in a movie with my hair done AND even bought myself a kickass new outfit. House plans are in our possesion and I have started pricing things but the most important accomplishment this month....WE SOLD THE HOUSE! Now I can work on everything else....huge relief because I thought this place would never sell. We have to find a rental that will most likely be cramped but knowing that from there, we'll move into our dream home..I can handle it!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Epic Fail

I just went back and read last years New Years failed big time. In fact, I didnt even realize I failed until I was thinking about this years resolutions and noticed..they're the same as last years! lol

Soooo, this year will be skinny year and I will start scrapbooking again. Last year I was determined to finally go on a honeymoon but life got in the way. I'm ok with it now but its not looking like we'll be vacationing anytime in the near future since this year we'll be *fingers crossed* building a house. I am also doing the monthly goal thing again. This worked last year even if I didnt meet every goal on time.

Feb. goal....keepin' it real. Lose 5lbs.
30 min. daily wii workout.
get our land surveyed
get taxes done. This is a big one for me since in the past I have filed very
August late. I dont know why I do this since I usually have my t4's and everything all
ready to go. I'm just a slacker I guess.
Go on a date with my husband AND each of the kids, seperately.
Everyone needs some one on one time.

Thats it. Nothing major. How hard can it be?

Monday, January 25, 2010

It has begun!

Ok, nothing has really begun but we did start something and thats pretty damn exciting. House plans are being drawn up right now! We have to go back in a few days to make any changes and then we can offically get started. Woot! Of course, we have to wait for the ground to thaw but I have a good feeling about spring coming early this year.

My plan to make goals each month isnt working out very well. I feel like any goals I make should be home related....declutter something, redecorate a room etc....but since we're leaving this place soon, why bother? I've decided to make different goals...spend more time on ME. Have date nights with my hubby. Dates with the kids and family game nights. I screwed up January so I'll start fresh in Feb. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My grandchildren...

Abby: I have 2 children..a boy and a girl.

Me: What are their names?

Abby: I dont know...wait, the girl is Sara...I dont know the boys name yet.

Me: How old are your children?

Abby: Larry, the boy is Larry. They are both 5 but Sara's birthday is first.

Me: Where do they live?

Abby: Alberta. They work there and live in a truck.

Me: Why are they in Alberta?

Abby: To make lots of money for me, the mother, so I can have a dsi.

Gotta love her....but she is NOT getting a dsi for quite some time.

Monday, November 30, 2009

"THE" House

Finally, after many internet searches, house plan books, doodles/sketches and fights...we have decided on a house plan. Work will begin, hopefully, in all depends on how bad our winter is. Jerry is figuring it can be done in 4 months. **happy dance**

This is the online version...we will be making a few minor changes and it will have a full basement with Em's room, full bath, rec room, entrance, porch and office.

I'm definetly going with stone on the front it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's been too long..

Far too long since I last blogged.
Life has been busy but its all starting to get back to normal normal as my life can get.
I'm currently decking the halls...way too early...fa la la la la, la la la la. I needed a little pick me up and the best way to do that, in my opinion, is to surround yourself with things that make you I am. It's kind of sad that some of my favorite things are seasonal items that have to be put away for most of the year...but I guess I would get sick of them if they were out all the time and then wouldnt really be my favorites anymore..right? =o)

A conversation with Abby.
*put on new pink pj's*

Abby: Eric's girlfriend has pink pants like mine.
Me: *intrigued* Really? Eric has a girlfriend...what does she look like?
Abby: *looking at me like I'm a complete moron* Uh, she has pink pants mom.
Me: What color is her hair?
Abby: Yellow, like tinkerbell
Me: What else can you tell me about her?
Abby: She has 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, lots of hair...oh, and a head.

Love that kid.

Really going to try to do this at blogging thing once a week...shouldnt be hard. I know, I've said that before...but I'm unemployed now so free time is something I have an abundance of...I just need some interesting things to blog about. Screw it, I'll make it all up. ;o) Stay tuned.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Inspiration =o)

Look what I found! A family member posted this on facebook and I was soooo happy. I have never seen a picture of my father as a child. I have his army picture but he was 16 at the time. Dad is the one on the far left. Eric thinks he looks like him and thinks Dad had the same sneakers as he all stars. =o).
This is what inspired me to do a photo book for my sisters, and dad for xmas. I am stoked and cant wait to get started but I'm waiting on everyone to dig out some pics for me. Must start nagging..that always works.

School Days!

Miss Abby on her first day of school with her ginormous bag. She wanted one like her big brother has and NOT a backpack because they arent as nice. I think I have to go get her a backpack anyway because this one just slides off her little shoulder.

My handsome boy. He's in the 6th grade year, Junior High!
I still havent been able to pin down the teenager. She just started Grade 11, has a nice boyfriend and is currently job hunting. It's about time I round them all up for pics since our fall photo shoot is where I get the best shots.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Has it really been 4 months since my last blog entry? Surely my life isnt that busy. I'll just have to try harder. Since delphi and facebook are no no's at work, blogging might just be the only thing I have left to do online....except for shopping but if I keep doing that from work I'll spend my paycheck before I get it.
I have nothing to blog about so I'll just leave it for a few days...maybe I'll take new pics of the kids or come up with some witty anecdote to share. Either way, I know I've moved back up on Nuclear Mom's blog list and for now, thats good enough.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's been a while...

Busy most of the time and really, I have nothing to blog about.

The house I love is still on the market...this house however, is not. So much to do and so little time but we are plodding away, hoping to put the sign on by the end of this month. Also contemplating building the house we love...we can do it for about 50k less and change a few things to really make it ours...still thinking on that one. Hubby is fed up with I'll give it time and see what he wants to do.

Almost Easter! Nothing bought and if I'm going to be hiding chocolate in a few days, I had better get my ass in gear and not only buy some, but move some of the renovation materials that are scattered about the house. Safety first, chocolate highs later.

That is all.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I want a house and it might just be possible in the near future. We are preparing our current home for the market now....hubby even caved and let me hire some people to help out! This is huge because he is notoriously cheap and will do everything himself whether he knows how or not. With help I'm thinking/hoping we can put a sign on it within a month. I doubt my dream house will still be on the market then, or even my second choice but there are many more houses out there that meet our criteria so I'm not worrying...then again, once we meet with the bank next week we just might be able to put an offer on one of the ones we love. Fingers crossed...and toes.

Abby had her preschool check up today. She had one back in Jan. but failed it. lol. Ok, so they kept us waiting more than an hour past our appt time and then put an eye patch on the child...she was playing pirates and doing nothing else no matter what.
Today she was perfect. She answered every question that was asked, got through the sight and hearing tests, drew the required pictures and when we were ready to leave she insisted on standing on one foot while I counted to 10. This was a part of the first checkup and she couldnt do it for more than 5 seconds so she practiced her little heart out. Even the booster didnt bother her...and they gave her a garfield bandaid which was awesometastic (her word, not mine).

My nephew, who has a host of problems, is having surgery tomorrow to put a shunt in his head. I dont understand how it all works because I refuse to google it...did that with my thyroidectomy and it was just not a good idea. All I know is that it involves a hole drilled in his skull. He has fluid build up and it is damaging his optic nerves and could cause blindness so he kinda needs it...he's getting something done with his ears too because his hearing sucks. Prayers and/or good thoughts please. =o)

Pictures of something soon...not sure what but blogs look kinda boring without the occasional pic so stay tuned.

Monday, March 09, 2009

It's been a while...

Life hasn't been too busy to blog, I just havent had anything going on worth talking about. We are working on the house like crazy, hoping to have it ready to go on the market by June...then the hunt begins. I really need a new house. I'm willing to sacrifice 5 years...maybe more. I hate subdivisions and swore I'd never live in one...but thats where we plan to live. I need for the kids to be able to just go outside and play with other kids....they dont have that now. Sure they have an awesome yard with every toy imaginable, a river, a gazillion trees to climb but that gets lonely...they need more kids. Em isnt within walking distance of any friends..or civilization for that matter...I hate having to driver her everywhere and her getting a summer job would be so much easier if she could walk to work. We went to a few open houses yesterday to get a feel for the market...yikes...scary prices for houses that arent anywhere near my dream 5 years however, I hope to be in a position to build. Thats the plan.

Abby has almost completed the kinderstart program. She has one more visit but this time she goes alone..which is fine with her. She loves going to school! I had a few concerns with her but the teachers are amazing so now I'm just going to relax and wait for Sept. No worries.

Trying to round up the kids to take more pics...stay tuned.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

16th Birthday Dance

The dance took place last night. I love most of Emma's friends...seriously awesome teenagers. One harrassed me all night..trying to get me to buy birdfeeders from him..he is making and selling them to fund his trip to Belize to build a school. Hooligan. lol. 4 stayed late to help me clean up the hall, one proposed to me and they all managed to have a great time without drugs or alcohol. Then there was the other crowd..the ones who werent invited and decided to show up anyway. I kicked a few out when I saw the beer...kicked a few more out who were noticably drunk and disorderly and the rest I fought all night to not let in. I was spit on and never heard so many swear words in my life. I had to dodge a few beer bottles at one point times. At least 20 uninvited showed up. I would have let them come in BUT they were drunk and/or stoned and were just plain outside they stayed, in frigid weather..I think it was -15 with the windchill...for 3 hours! One got in and stole the fire extinguisher ($100 for me to pay) but we later found it, empty (only $20 to refill) behind the building where he had also beat out the palings on the fence. Anyway, when all was said and done it was a pretty decent night...Em had fun, the dj was great, the food was almost all eaten and I got to bed at a decent time. Here are a few pics...there are more on facebook.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sweet 16!

Wow. I cannot believe that I am the mother of a 16 year old. I am far too young for this.
Mid-term exams were finished on Friday so Em has no school today. She's had breakfast served in front of the tv, Abby and I made her lunch and she has requested chicken parmesan for supper. I'm sure some family members will drop by throughout the day and hubby is bringing home a dq ice cream cake...a family favorite. Her extensions. lol. $180! Not exactly the kind of gift I wanted to give for her sweet 16th but its what she REALLY wanted/needed so thats what she gets. I'll post pics of her with them in when she gets cleaned up. She's having a dance/party on Friday night. We have a hall, a dj, new outfit and still need to get food, decor and bake a gazillion cupcakes for her cake. I'm really looking forward to this...not.
There will be oodles of pics on Sat.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter Semi-Formal

I took Emma to the mall a few nights ago to choose a dress for the winter semi-formal. She took a friend along because all teenagers need reassurance that they look fantabulous in whatever they choose to buy. At first I tagged along, wanting to make sure she didnt end up with something a little too revealing for a school dance...not that my child is an exhibitionist, but fabric is a hard to come by feature in todays fashions. Eric was with us and rather than subject him to a fate worse than death (girly shopping), I hit the games store with him and left Em and her friend on their own. Did I mention Em insisted on paying for this herself with her xmas money? How sweet does she look? She said several teachers commented on how 'classy' she looked and I agree, she does. And...she found the dress (which is taffeta with optional straps) for $20 and the knit shrug for $8. Bargain it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wow, 3 weeks since I last blogged. Since then I've had a lovely Christmas and New Years, been through the stomach flu and am currently on regular flu. No major events in my life, no minor ones either....been pretty dull around here.

I know we're 2 weeks into the New Year but I forgot to blog about my resolutions so here goes:

2009 will be my skinny year! I dont care if losing 20lbs means cutting off a freaking leg...I will lose the weight.

Oct. 2009 will be my/our 10th wedding anniversary. We never had a honeymoon due to lack of funds/crazy work schedule and I always said we'd have one on our 10th...if we were still together. lol. I dont care where we go but I need to go somewhere, even for a weekend, just me and my man.

There are more but I'll have to come back and edit as my stomach is doing something nasty and I think I should be closer to the bathroom right be continued.

SCRAPBOOKING! That's the other thing I need to do this year. I have so much money invested in this that I just need to make the time to do it. I also need somewhere to set it up and just leave it so I can sit down and scrap whenever the mood strikes. I also need a new printer. I'm already planning on several xmas gifts for next year that involve scrapbooking supplies so thats my motivation.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bah Humbug! =o)

Just a few randoms. I'll get more of the tree and decorations when the house is cleaner. lol. Hubby and I are finishing up house stuff tonight...moldings and moving the computer to another room. I'm off tomorrow and Monday so everything else will be finished in the next 2 days..if it isnt, screw it. Still no sign of the Christmas Spirit for me...perhaps I'll find it in a bottle? Just kidding..when the gifts are wrapped, the gazillion piece dollhouse assembled, entire house is clean and decorated..then I'm sure I'll get into the spirit of the season....maybe...bah humbug!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Where's the bright side?

I am trying to look on the bright side and cant find one. It seems like whenever I have a few days off in a row, I get sick. Am currently enjoying a week off work...and I have strep. So much to do and my meds are making me sleepy. There is STILL a layer of plaster dust...a much thicker layer...on every surface in the house, the painting isnt done, floor isnt level and the carpet is being put down on Wed. I have 2 days...and right now I just want to sleep.
Whine over.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

I can haz pretties!

Lookee what I got! I bought this for myself a while back on bidz..first time ever on the site...and it arrived today. Peridot is Eric's birthstone plus I just love green. Now I have to get one with Em's and Abby's birthstones too! It just wouldnt be fair if I didnt.
It sparkles ever so much. I love buying stuff for ME! $11...I'm worth it. =o)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Time off!

I have decided to take a week off work to get things done. Most of the time off will be spent helping my dad and stepmom who are recovering from recent knee replacements. I also owe my mother, who does all of my sewing and listens to me whine regularly, a good house cleaning....and I volunteered to decorate her house and trim her tree. My week off now seems not quite long enough. The carpet guys are coming on's Friday and the plastering isnt done yet...tomorrow I have to paint the areas that are to be carpeted, paint the computer desk, reroute all of the wiring for the internet/computer and perhaps get some cleaning done. There is a thin layer of plaster dust on every surface in the house and a gross grimy chalky layer of floor leveling cement on all of the floors. I've swept and swiffered but cant really do much else until the dirty work is done.
Emma and I have a shopping day on Sunday. Hoping to finish up my shopping then...planning another shopping day with hubby some evening next week to finish up what I cant buy with Emma present and thats it. I'd love to be done by mid Dec.
Here are a few pics that I ordered multiple prints of. The first is my sisters horse Mick...I give her a sepia pic every year, framed, of random mostly, her cat once, now its the horses turn. The three of the kids are the best of a whole bunch that I took so grandparents will get framed copies of those. I totally forgot to order copies for myself. duh. Perhaps Santa could bring me a new printer. =o)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where is it?

November is what I'm referring to. Holy crap! It seems like it was October, I blinked, and now its just under 4 weeks to the big day!
I'm doing pretty good as far as shopping goes. I always try to get ahead of the game but time and money restraints usually put a stop to that....which leaves me scrambling every year around Dec. 20th with very little done. This year, not gonna happen. I have the majority of the gifts bought and just as soon as I get rid of the kids for a night and remember to buy scotch tape, I'll start wrapping. I'm decorating a room at a time instead of waiting for our little reno project to be over..might as well make the finished rooms look pretty so I have somewhere to hide when I'm tearing my hair out of the mess of gyproc dust everywhere else. I put a birch tree in the family room (just a branch, not a whole tree. lol) and a few little pretties around....the nice living room is next..maybe tomorrow..and for the first time in the history of my children, I'm letting one have a party. Emma wants to invite a few friends up for a holiday party on the 20th and I said yes. Still trying to figure out what she did to make me say yes....something in my drink perhaps? Since we'll have new light colored carpet I decided to let her decorate the apartment and have it there instead of the main part of the house...that way I wont care about the mess because I wont see it. Smart me.
The main hallway is just about done...plaster is finished and I need to paint, then the carpet guys will come and I can decorate everything else. Pictures will be posted.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm bored...dreadfully bored. All of the things that I want to do, I cant do because I need hubby to help...except the shopping bit...I dont need him to help with that, I just need his money. He's been working really late the past few days...7am-10pm and I'm getting lonely.
The house is clean, laundry is done, had fun times with the kids outside, its too early to decorate and theres nothing on tv. Blah. I have been sick all week...left work early on Monday, off on Tues, called in sick on Wed and Thurs. Now I'm off til Monday and I'd almost rather be at work.

I was going to drive the kids insane by making them wear fun hats and taking pictures for this years xmas cards but I cant find the hats and I passed my sickness on to Emma..who looks too crappy to be photographed right now.

This sucks. I should be delighted that I have nothing pressing to attend to.

Whine over. I'm going to dirt up a room or something.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Productive Girl

That's my new superhero name. I have a few days off and am really making the most of it. I usually sit around on the computer waiting for bursts of energy that never come. Not so this time. I've been hauling around furniture, tearing up carpet and floors etc etc and I've only just begun! Tomorrow I'll attack the pantry. It isnt a 'real''s a 4x4 (or maybe a bit bigger) closet in the porch. It's not insulated so its cold and where I should be storing my veggies....especially since we get them for free and should be hoarding. I keep coats and boots there too....among other things. So, tomorrow I'd like to put away all things summer, clean and paint the inside, pick up some bins (one for everyone to keep hats/mitts etc in) and some for veggies. Perhaps there'll even be room for some of the things I buy in bulk.
Carpet shopping next week! I'm setting a date/time for installation and that should be motivation enough for hubby to level the floor and get it ready.
Love progress! Love having a few days off in a row to progress! This place will soooooo be ready for Christmas.

Managed to get Em to stay still for 5 minutes for pictures. Still havent pinned the boy down but dammit I will! He cant hide from the camera forever.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Abby's Photo Shoot

I have many people requesting recent pics of the kids so I figured I'd take some while the weather is nice and yard looks pretty. Emma was too busy and Eric flat out myself and Abby had a little photo shoot. I am in love with the first pic. I seriously think I might copy Nuclearmom and have it blown up to ginormous (totally a word) and mounted on whatever it is they mount them on. I'd love to have one awesome shot of each kid done the same way. Perhaps I just need to offer the other two money, or use death threats. lol.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here I am!

It's been ages since I blogged last..ok, not ages, more like a week.
The living room is DONE! Repainted, cute little cubby w/shelves and lighting is built, fireplace is painted and I bought an electric insert and its clean...really clean. I still have to hang a few things on the walls...I'm hesitant because they look so good with no nail holes. There is no clutter of any kind in there. Awesome feeling.

Next up is the main hallway...level the floor and replace carpet...and paint if I can ever decide on a color. Hubby gets excited when he finishes a project...its a job to get him started but when he sees how good things 'can' look, it motivates him so I dont think it'll take forever. I might have to give up on the master bath before xmas idea's almost November? Where has the time gone?

The kids are good, work is work and nothing new has happened in the past week. Hopefully my next blog entry will be more entertaining. If all else fails, I'll post pics.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Abby (aka-Mr.Wonka)

You are probably thinking that this is Abby...not so. It's Mr.Willy Wonka. She looks for her hat the minute she opens her eyes in the morning and wears it almost all the time. I pry it off of her head for school (the cane and wonkavision glasses are also necessary accessories). She seriously thinks she is fooling me when she puts this on....I have to address her as Mr.Wonka...if I call her Abby while she is in Wonka mode, she looks around and says Abby isnt here. lol.

Abby funny.

Yesterday I was having supper with the kids.

Abby: Santa Claus is going to bring me a Serious Ming Ming.

Mommy: If you're good he will, bad kids get dirt. (I know, I'm mean)

Abby: I'm a good kid like Charlie Bucket (good kid in Willy Wonka movie..the rest are rotten)
....Eric is a good boy too and you Mommy, you're good.

***phew, good thing because I seriously dont want dirt***

Emma: What about me Abby? Am I a good kid?

Abby: No, you're a mental patient. *laughs hysterically*

I dont know where she gets it! Honest I dont!

Monday, October 06, 2008


The living room is just about done! I know I said it would be done in Sept. but this is close enough. We bought an electric insert for the fireplace that needs to be installed....normal people plug it in, pop it in the hole and voila! instant light/heat. Not can never be that easy. Hubby has decided that the cord cannot be visible and has proceeded to drill through the 10 inch thick concrete hearth so the cord can go to the basement and be plugged in there. Genius? I think not.
In the next few weeks we'll be doing another major project...the main hallway/stairs. I know its not a big area but its a big job. I'll be hauling up the carpet so that hubby can level the floor....then I need to idea what new idea what color...replace trim...possibly dismantle the computer cubby. I dont want to, hubby does...I am trying to give in on the little things so that I appear nicer. I'd like to replace the front door even though ours is fairly new...I want a 3/4 french because the area is dark and dingy.
After that...the master bath. Hopefully.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I want a house

I dont want this house anymore. I want a new one. One that is pretty and clean with level floors and doors that open and close with ease. One with no more than 3 different types of flooring and without popcorn or tiled ceilings.
Hubby is sick of renovations...actually, he never wants to hold a hammer again. I love home makeovers but am sick of listening to him bitch and if the truth be known, a little tired of living with chaos. I have excess furniture and building materials all over the house. I'm done now.
House prices need to go down or at least stay put until I'm ready to put mine on the the rate their going we wont be able to afford to leave.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fed Up

If I cant get hubby to do the little things, how on earth will I convince him to do the big stuff???? I cleaned the yard today...some of it...and started putting summer toys away in the basement...the basement that he was working on 6 months ago that isnt done yet. Seriously, there is a few hours of work down there to be done and then I'll have a clean, dry, stink free basement. A few freakin' hours! I'm afraid to say anything because the living room furniture is piled up in the middle of the living room and overflow is in the hallway...I would love to get that taken care of first and if I mention basement, he might actually do it. The man only has one job in him so I need to choose wisely. My plan is to spend tomorrow painting the living room. I'm one of those start to finish people so it'll be done....IF I can get him to finish the few little things he needs to do first...BUT...he's working on the oil truck AND in the garden so he isnt home long enough to do anything here. Did I mention that my little red car, that we badly need to use, is still sitting in the driveway, broken. If I suggest garage, he says he'll do it. See my problem? I should just have a drink instead.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bottom of the List

I'm only blogging right now because my blog keeps moving down the list that Nuclearmom has on her blog. I wanna be at the top! lol

Not much to blog about lately. Kids are great and loving school. Emma kidnapped a cardboard character from her grade 9 teachers classroom..its about 3ft high and is named Pierre. She created a girlfriend named Brigitte (who is dressed as a french maid) and pulled a Beaver Hat with them. lol. She's my kid for sure. She brought them places, posed them, sent them on a date etc and took many pictures. She created a facebook page for him and is going to send her teacher the link when its done...I think there will be a ransom involved.
Abby loves preschool. I had to pick her up early today because she threw up all over herself...and bad mommy left her change of clothes in the van. She's napping now.
Eric is Eric. He just joined cross country running and bowling and is eagerly awaiting the ripeness of his pumpkins so he can start making some money.
Work is crap. Many issues this week that really made me want to leave but I need to give it some more thought since it has many plusses too.

Projects. Ugh. Hubby has been sooo busy with work and the savory harvesting that nothing is getting done. The master bath hasnt been touched at all. The living room might get done in Sept. as's been plastered and sanded so all it needs is painting and a few built in shelves.
I'm hoping to get my part done this week....only if he finishes his stuff though.

Thats it. Nothing else going on here....but I'm at the top of the list now so I'm happy.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Tattoo!

The stencil thingy....
The tattoo artist, Joe. She'll be back in Newfoundland in 6 months and Jerry doesnt know it yet but he's getting a tattoo then.
The finished product....Celtic knot of motherhood. Looks wonky and unclear because of the vaseline she put on there. There is a pink dot in the top left, green in top right and purple at the birthstones (sort of, deeper versions of them anyway).

Monday, September 08, 2008

Preschool-Day 1

It went well! No other children were maimed and my little darling was just that...a little darling. This is if the preschool teacher can be believed...and I'm not saying she's a liar, just that maybe she didnt want me to feel bad. lol.
Here she is this morning, all ready to go with her nemo backpack (inside is a pkg of dunkaroos and a chocolate milk). I got one shot of her in the classroom before she sent me on my way.

I spent my time can accomplish quite a bit when there are no wee ones running about. I did 30 min. on the elliptical and took a long, uninterupted shower before I headed out to pick her up. I shall look forward to this time twice weekly.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happy thoughts

I had a full body scan back in late July (when the radioactive iodine was done...4 days later in fact). I didnt bother with getting results since I had an appt. for today and I have the patience of a saint. =o) Went to the doctor today and the whole thyroid thing is cancer bits...treatment worked fine. But...there is a suspicious spot on my hip that needs further investigation. No prob, schedule something and let me know. The Doctor didnt seem overly concerned so I expected a typical few months wait. He told me his secretary would call me with the appt time by the end of the day. I got home at 1:55 the phone rings and my appt. is tomorrow morning for an xray and bone density scan. Part of me is thinking how lucky to get such a quick appt....the other part is wondering if there was a reason behind the rush. Fingers crossed/Happy thoughts. I'll be a basket case since the results take 2-3 weeks.

Update- went to my appt. yesterday morning. It was for 9am so I got a sitter and fully expected to be home by 11-11:30. Go to nuclear medicine only to discover I need a shot of something and then have to come back at noon for the scan! I am the worst patient ever. I dont even ask what I'm being injected trust. They know what they're doing. lol. Got the shot and then went for the hip/pelvis xray...then I sat in the van for a while reading until I spotted hubby in the oil truck (he delivers oil to the hospital) so we had a chat for a while. Finally got back in for the scan...which took 30 min. Didnt realize that...again, not a question asker. lol. Lying perfectly still for that long is sooooo hard but I managed to close my eyes and doze a little.
**confession time** I totally stole the scrubs pants I was given for my xray. They were so comfy I just couldnt leave them there all alone in that sad little dressing room.

The First Day of School!

Woo Hoo! They're gone back to school. Now maybe I can regain my sanity. Here are my darlings all clean and shiny and new. Eric's was taken yesterday, Em's this morning...Miss High School went a day later. Holy crap! High School!
Eric went to grade 5. I'm super proud of the fact that I'm posting pictures and none are of Abby. Some people (not mentioning names but you know who you are) have accused me of favoritism since I mostly post Abby pics. Not today. Emma and Eric only. Abby starts preschool on Monday morning so she'll get her turn then.


The newest addition to our family, Marbles the hamster (the fish is named Randy...Randy and Marbles...this is funny for those of you who know what I'm talking about)...Abby named both pets. Just had to post a pic of the cage...isnt it cool. Some kid was giving away a hamster at a yard sale...I got it, this cage, several bags of food, shavings, toys etc etc etc for $15! My kids are delighted.