Thursday, August 31, 2006

How to survive the teenage years?

This isnt a 'how to' entry. I have no idea how I'm going to survive the next 5-6 years. My teen isnt half as horrible as some of her least not that I can see...but how is she when she's not at home? Yesterday, she comes home with 3..count 'em..3 teenage boys and they all want to come in and watch a movie. I'm not ready for boys! I let them all in as it seems smart to at least keep 'em where I can see 'em. She talks to boys on msn all the time and they are constantly phoning too. When I was her age, I had very few 'girl' friends as I got along better being one of the of the guys was also my boyfriend. I am not ready to accept that my little girl has a boyfriend. I hope she is smarter than I was and has a helluva lot more respect for herself than most kids these days. The sad part, this is only the beginning with her, and then I get to turn around and do it all over again, twice. Arrrrggghhh!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

When Good Husbands Go Bad

It happens. Last week all was sunshine and roses, today, I want to commit murder. I am sick and tired of coming home from work to a mess. I have to walk through demolitionville to get into the house...this I understand...but why does every room in the house need to be a mess too? All I ask is that I dont come home from working all day, and immediatly have to do the dishes and pick up toys so that I dont go insane. I'm not a neat freak or anything, a far cry from it actually, but I dont have to live in squallor either. I worked yesterday, got home close to midnight, threw in a load of laundry, made my lunch for today, packed Eric's bag for tonights sleepover and tidied a little before bed. This morning I went off to work leaving a semi-acceptable house. After work I threw a fit. The dishes were piled in the sink, there were cheerios crushed all over the carpet, toys everywhere, no beds made....I could go on. The one thing that really made me flip was a cabinet. Apparently Abby pulled it over and spilled the contents all over the place....she got a little ouch in the process. When I see the cabinet I assume it was done just before he left to pick me up at work...why else would it still be there? No! It was done hours ago and wasnt picked up because he is busy working on the kitchen. Ummm, ok, but how does that make it right? I'm busy at work, is it fair that I do it? We had an argument over this. He thinks he should do nothing but 'the kitchen' or whatever project he is working on. Yes, it needs to get done and as soon as possible would be great...but while ignoring everything else? I dont f*cking think so. I've done many room renos and makeovers in this house and managed to stop and feed the kids, do the housework, work full time and still find the time to spend on the computer. LOL.
It seems like we have this argument too often. Will he ever learn or is it time to trade him in? The bastard even brought home a box of donuts a little while ago. Diet sabotage obviously. Prick.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Being bad

I feel like a kid again. Not that I'm ancient but I dont often get the chance to be spontaneous and even fewer chances to get a little wild. We went to a luau last night at my father in laws. The whole family went..myself, hubby and 3 kids. The kids were really good and the oldest was watching the youngest so hubby and I took off to the barn, went up in the hayloft and well, we were spontaneous. LOL. It was dark and we got caught coming out of the barn and even though no one said anything, they knew what was going on. Who goes into a pitch black barn for any other reason? hee hee. We are now trying really hard to find some time to run away together without the children. Wish me luck! =o)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

8 years later

8 years ago today, my son was born. I remember the look of pure joy on his fathers face upon hearing those three little words...'its a boy'... it made him the happiest man on earth. He loves his girls dearly but every man wants a son.
Eric is a sweetheart. He wants to be a mommas boy but only when dad isnt dads presence he's a tough little boy who wouldnt dream of kissing his mother...ewwwww. Right now, his favorite thing is lizards. He has a lizard bedroom and not a day passes that I dont hear a request for a live one. I 'almost' got him one for his birthday but just couldnt bring myself to do it. I really dont want one of those in my house. Maybe when he's older. We got him an electric scooter instead and that seems to be a huge hit so far. The whole family went to Jungle Jim's for supper at Eric's request. Never again. The food was NASTY! I've eaten there a few times...never by choice...and the food is always less than desirable. I had to send my meal back twice..I bet someone back there spit in it or something. The first time they gave me carribean chicken with fries..I hate fries and would never order them on purpose, I wanted the rice that was on the picture. I got the rice but the whole thing was ice cold so I sent it back again. I'm usually not a bitch about these things but c'mon, is it asking to much to have my meal hot? $100 and a happy boy later, we went home and gorged on a divine DQ ice cream cake...and then I took my bloated self off to bed so I could catch a few Z's before my graveyard shift. Here I sit. Eric let me take an extra piece of cake to work for my snack. Gotta start the diet on Monday.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pssst...wanna buy a house?

I havent fallen off the face of the earth....I've just been very busy. Between work, kids and this house, I have very little time for anything else. Ok, I still manage to squeeze in my delphi time but even that time shorter than usual. We've decided that the house is going on the market asap. We have to put the kitchen back together (right now its scrapped!) and finish all the little things, like moldings, hanging a few doors, have carpet, that we bought months ago, installed, replace a few light fixtures and do a major de-clutter and clean. I'm having a yard sale in a few next weekend off, and already have a house full of stuff to get rid of. What doesnt sell is going off to the Salvation Army..NOT back inside my house. The one thing that kills me, is walking around outside. No matter where we move, I know I'll never get this kind of property again. I love my mature trees, my river, my deck and most of all, my awesome neighbors. Maybe they'll come with me? lol
So, if anyone wants to buy a lovely (ok, not so lovely but it has potential!) house on 2 lovely...really lovely, acres for a super low price...gimme a call.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Aging Parents

I went to visit my dad today. I've never thought of him as being 'old' even though my mother (they've been divorced for years) always says how old he looks. Today was different. He is only 60, give or take a year, but seems to have aged years since the last time I saw him...a few months ago. You know, the whole grunting and knee cracking when you stand up, oodles of prescription meds on the kitchen counter (no point putting them away because they are used several times a day) and the kicker...the thing that made me realize that, hey, my parents are getting old...were the metal safety bars that were recently installed next to the toilet. When you need help to get on and off the toilet, thats scary. Whats scarier is the fact that if 'they' are getting old....I must be too!!! Aaaaggghhhhh!!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Teenager

Yes, I have 3 kids. lol. I spend most of my time with the youngest, and she still lets me take pictures so it may seem to some like I only have one kid...or only want to share one with the world. Not so. I have a teenager as well....I am not prepared for this. She called me from her grandparents house this evening wanting me to make a hair appt. for her. No prob, when and what are you planning on getting done. She wants her hair! Ok, I'm a cool mom. I took this same kid last week to get her nose pierced but stated very clearly at the time that there will NEVER be another piercing unless its in her ears and a tattoo is never going to happen unless she wants to die. She tells me how cool I am, how she'll never get a tattoo, never pierce anything else, stay in school, never drink, no drugs etc etc etc but pleeeeeeeease can she have blue hair. I am obviously not as cool as I thought....any cool mom could see that if you have a blue nose ring you HAVE to have matching hair. DUH!

The Terrible Twos?

No! This cant be happening. I have always believed that the 'terrible twos' dont really exist. My other kids had their moments but never something I could blame on an 'age'. Little Miss Abby has changed, overnight. During the day, she is a sweet, quiet little thing who plays on her own, naps when I says so and is just a pleasure to be around. Fast forward to supper time. Ugh! She refuses to feed herself (a task she perfected months ago) but also refuses to be fed. Hmmm, does anyone else see a problem here? Diaper changes are a battle! Changing her clothes is a serious workout that leaves me sweating and breathless. And then there is bedtime...every night since forever, I would simply put her in her crib, and walk away. She might play for a bit, talk to herself, on rare occasions she would cry for a minute or two...but now its WAR! Putting her into her crib is now (in her warped little 2 year old mind) the same as dropping her into hot lava. She clings to me, pulls my shirt (it is hilarious when Daddy...the one with the super hairy chest..does this!) squeals and tries to give me hugs...every smart kid knows that mommy will take a hug anytime thus taking her mind off the whole crib thing and leaving an opening for possible escape. I am so glad that I work mostly evenings and dont have to deal with this every night. lol. I went through pregnancy and c-sections, let HIM deal with toddlerhood.