Friday, November 23, 2007

Jo-prah's Favorite Things

Oprah's List


Jo-prah's List.

20. My camera. Love it! http://http//

19. The best truffles in the world!

18. Everyone should collect something. This is one of my favorites from my egg collection.

17. http://http//

16. Chenille socks. No need for a link. They are the best when you live in an old, cold house.

15. Avon Bubble Bath. I'm a fan of the french lilac. http://http//

14. My swiffer. Without it I'd be so sad....and buried in dust bunnies. http://http//

13. Old Navy Jeans. Love these! Need more. http://http//

12. Books. They can be a favorite thing! I dont have a favorite book, I just love to read. Somewhere in this blog is a list of all time favorites, however, it is not complete as I have more favorites all the time. Best book this year : http://http//
Favorite ever: http://http//

11. Rodrigues Wines. Mmmmm. I love the blueberry, strawberry and barrens blend. Just noticed that there is a raspberry and black currant wine....they werent there before. Gotta hit the liquor store asap. http://http//

10. I am fascinated by these things. I remember making my first out of one of my mothers psychology books....that she needed as she was attending university. My bad. I love them still and collect them and any other containment unit disguised as a book. http://http// and http://http//

And now we have reached the halfway point. I'm sure you are all dying to see what else I might add...but you must wait, it is late, and I need my beauty sleep. Ooooh, speaking of beauty...gotta add one more before I hit the sack.

9. Oil of Olay, daily regenerating serum. It's amazing how this stuff makes my face the description says, velvety smooth. Honest. Costs a fortune but I get it on ebay for next to nothing. http://http//

To be continued....

I have returned. Finally. Ok, here goes, the last 8.

8. Funky mirrors. Regular mirrors with funky frames, mosaic mirror art, funky shaped mirrors etc. One of my favorite things is a star shaped mirror over my bed. Love it. Want more.

7. I will have this! I cannot justify the cost right now but someday. Luckily, hubby wants it as badly as I do so I can actually buy it for him as a gift and we'll both be pleased. Maybe next xmas.

6. C'mon, you have to admit this is the awesomest (yep, a word, dont fight it) gift idea for a grandparent ever!
Not just for grandparents either, and there are many variations. Love the whole idea. Must have one.

5. I am so okay with my jewelry being cz. I love this set. I rarely wear my 'real' wedding rings. I want these.

Shoot, kids need me. To be continued..again.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tattoos and piercings, oh my!

I dropped my lovely 14 year old daughter off at a tattoo parlour this morning. They are doing something with school that involves job shadowing. Each child got to choose who they wanted to work with, submit a 'resume' telling the person why they want to shadow them for the day and then follow up with phone calls to arrange it all. Afterwards they have to write an essay about the experience. Some kids shadowed teachers, secretaries, carpenters and even a kid, a body piercer. When I brought her there I went in with her to make sure she found it ok and that they hadnt forgotten about it....oh, and also because I'm freakishly overprotective and nosy. I met Mr.Body Piercer and he scared me. Big guy with a mohawk and at least 20 piercings above the neck!! Seemed polite enough but it damn near killed me to walk out of the place. She begged me not to call and check up on her so I'm keeping my promise even though its driving me nuts. She's done for the day at 6pm. My nerves should be ok til then.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


There are so many! All belonging to Eric. Abby isnt much of a trick or treater, in fact, she hates the whole idea of it. She isnt exactly the kind of kid you can bribe with chocolate so promises of oodles of candy didnt get her excited about Halloween. Eric scared the crap out of her with his costume and it all went downhill from there. Every kid out there, even the cute little pumpkins and angels made her scream and run away. She tried a few times to scare back by said "Moooooo" in the scariest possible way. The gorgeous witch costume didnt work because it was freezing and a jacket would have hid we used the backup cow costume.