Saturday, March 20, 2010


We are the rental we are forced to live in while our dream home gets built. It is a sad, sad little place. The bathroom is hideous...seriously. I should take pics but I fear people will either vomit upon seeing them, or laugh and call me a freaking moron for forking over $900 a month to rent this place. The kitchen counter is..are you ready for this??? Sponge painted!!! Yes, dark green paint with a lighter teal-ish blob shaped splotch repeated a million times. The light fixtures...we discovered this today...are cheapos that hold one max 40w bulb. I cant see a damn thing but thats probably a good thing. I know what you're thinking..just plug in a few lamps. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Tried that but most of the outlets in this place dont work. I keep trying to go to my happy place but its hard.
I can now see why people live in places like this though..they move in and they're too damn tired to even think of moving again.

*I feel bad that I havent posted pics of the kids in forever. I will take some, soon. Maybe over Easter break. =o)