Wednesday, April 25, 2007


First let me say that my house is not a pigsty. Really.

Abby has 4 sippy cups. One has been missing for few days so today I decided to search for it. I was afraid that it may have contained milk when it went missing. Ewww. I couldnt find it anywhere and had given up my search when I decided to do Abby's hair. She has a winnie the pooh chest on her dresser that I keep hair bows in. When I opened the lid I almost passed out from the stench...and the sippy cup was found, along with a few other things. A wet old one at that. A soggy, dirty sock belonged to Eric (he fell in the river with this particular sock on many days ago) and 8 Always maxi pad wipes. We just peel the wipe part off of the pad wrapper and toss them (not anymore because I realized I can use them as wet naps for a sticky toddler). It seems the little princess has been taking them from the garbage to add to her collection. When I asked her about it she looked at me with the sweetest face and said proudly, "it's my treasure mommy!"
And yes, the sippy cup contained milk. Nice.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I am fat...and other stories.

I have gained a considerable amount of weight in the past few years. After Em was born, my 19 year old body bounced right back. After Eric was born, it took a while longer and I didnt get back to my original weight...but I was at a happy, healthy weight for me. Then, we quit smoking. Hubby and I both gained 50 lbs each! I had half of that gone when I found out that I was pregnant on Abby. After her birth, I lost quite a bit of weight but still have about 30-40 lbs to go to be in my happy place. I know this yet when I get all dressed up to go out, as I did on Sat. night...I think I look good. Not so. lol. I caught glimpses of myself all night and I was disgusted. The kicker though, the one thing that got me off my ass this morning and out for a walk was something someone said to me. A male friend of my sisters, who I hadnt seen in a few years (since I was a skinny smoker) looked at me, did a double take and then said "Hey, where did this come from?" referring to my extra pounds. Yes, he was rude and I should have slapped him but I didnt. I did tell drunk hubby to beat him up...but I was only kidding..sort of.
Saturday nights benefit for my nephew was a success. We raised 4100.00! Still no word on when he is going to Boston but at least now he's ready and just waiting for the call.
My dream dining room table, the one I actually visited and blogged about because I am lame, is not to be. A local store had a big sale on all furniture because they are no longer stocking it so I took my dream table off layaway (it was just about paid for) and bought the cheaper one. I put the remainder of the money on bills. I couldnt justify spending more than I needed to when there are bills to be paid. Oh well, the other is a nice color, seats 6 and matches my other stuff nicely. I also wont freak out when I see the kids at this one as I would have with the other. Maybe I'll get it when Abby is a little older.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ocean front property?

I took Abby out for a walk around the garden today. We still have a fair amount of snow but only where hubby plowed it into huge piles over the winter. We were finally able to get to the path that leads to our little river so off we went, armed with pockets full of rocks and my camera. Abby was delighted! She liked the spiders that 'swim' on the water more than the trout or clams but throwing rocks was even better. Sadly, she cant throw worth shit. One rock landed a mere inch from the water so she leaned in to get it and 'SPLASH'...face first into the icy cold water. She cried for a minute but on the way up the driveway she sniffled and said "I fall in the ocean...I'm okay, I'm OKAY". She came straight in the house and told Em about her fall in the ocean, then we had to phone daddy so he could hear too. She is quite the drama queen but kept insisting that she is okay, so I guess she wasnt traumatized. We'll go back to the river later for more pics.

It would have been cruel to take a pic of her IN the I didnt...but I did take a few of her today and am feeling the need to share.

I took the dog one at our neighbors house yesterday. I have the best neighbors ever.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No time!

So I did buy a digital camera. Not the one I wrote about previously...I got a better deal on a slightly better camera. Kodak easyshare c663, or something like that. I love it for its ease of use! I am technologically/electronically challenged so this is perfect for me. I have take a few recent pics of the kids and updated our family for anyone who cares.

I have been spending much of my free time helping my family with a fundraiser for my nephew. While I love Canada's health system, it has its faults. My nephew has to go to Boston for a new 'experimental' treatment and then back to Toronto for several surgeries. He is expected to be gone for 2-3 months. We dont pay for treatment but there is very little help with travel expenses. Several months away from home can be costly so we do have to raise some $ for the trip. We have a few local bands playing a benefit dance this weekend with oodles of donated prizes to sell tickets on. I'm hoping for a decent turn out and a good time for myself as well since I havent been out dancing in years.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Potty Pictures? Soon!

I am finally getting a digital camera. Nothing fancy, but a camera nonetheless. I have been waiting for hubby to get me one...Christmas, my birthday, mothers day and no camera, for 3 years, so I'll get my own. Checked out a few at Shopper's Drugs the other day and it works out that I can get the one in the link below, for pretty much nothing! Gotta love Shoppers Optimum points. I'll end up paying $30 or so. I'm sure everyone will be quite annoyed with the multiple daily pics I'll be posting/emailing. =o) Who wants to see pics of Abby on her potty? Ha! It will all be possible in a few short days. *Gotta do one more shopping trip to up the points to the next reward level*

Speaking of Abby on the potty......ummm, not going so good. She'll be 3 on June 25th and I would like to have the whole process complete by her birthday. Emma was trained before she was 2, Eric, shortly after his 3rd birthday. I'm not 'seriously' training yet but for the past few days I've been letting the princess go around in her undies and we've spent some quality time reading stories while she sits on her princess potty. All I need is one pee in the potty to make this work. Just once and I will make such a huge deal out of it, buy her presents, give her chocolate, whatever her little heart desires that she'll only want to do it more...right?
This is what worked with the other two so I'm hoping it will for her as well.