Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Terrible 3's?

I am going to start drinking, or doing drugs...I have to if I'm going to get through this horrible stage my child is going through. I dont remember the other two doing it, or maybe they did and I was too drunk to notice? Ha, just kidding, I was never much of a drinker. Maybe it's time to start. Abby cannot go out in public any more...ever. Last week we went to McDonalds to kill some time. I had a cup of tea and a muffin and she played in the playplace...until an elderly man wandered in with a coffee and a newspaper...and a patch over his eye. Miss Abby came running up to him shouting "Argh! I'm a pirate!!!" Today we ate supper at a family restaurant...someone was having a birthday and it wasnt my child. When the staff started to sing to this person who we couldnt even see, my child screamed "No, in 6 more days!". When they didnt stop singing, she started. Apparently they have their own little version of Happy Birthday that did not include living in a zoo or smelling like a monkey...so she let them know, loudly. Then we hit Old Navy...where I am pretty sure we are no longer welcome. She found a ball and a pair of sunglasses and was ready to leave. I took the $14 sunglasses and laid them out of her reach and she had a meltdown ... a major meltdown. I, being the calm, cool, and collected mom that I am, walked away from the screaming, writhing toddler on the floor. I walked away saying "Hmmm, I wonder who owns that unruly child?"

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Butler Family goes camping!

Here's our new 'baby'. The first outing is planned for Canada Day weekend. June 28-July2. I cant wait!!! It isnt huge but I think we'll all be comfortable enough in it. I'm so stoked! I'm just happy to be able to pee indoors. lol. Better again, I can shower!!!!

Random Stuff

Potty training has failed, miserably. She has no desire whatsoever to get out of diapers. She has peed in the potty a few times and it seemed as if we were making progress but now flat out refuses to sit on it. I'll give her a break for a week or so and start again.
Exams are over. Emma was on the verge of failing 2 core subjects and getting a really good mark in those 2 exams was crucial. She studied her butt off and says the exams went well but we wont know until report cards come home on Thurs. I'm a nervous wreck....probably more that she is. Keep your fingers crossed!
Tomorrow I'll post pics of the new camper. Eric is over the moon. He knew we were looking around for one but thought we were getting a crappy little small one. We didnt tell him that we bought one until he came home and saw it in the driveway. I'm at work now, working the overnight shift...Jerry, Abby and Eric are sleeping in the camper. They rented a movie to watch out there and picked up some snacks....when I left I could hear giggles. Gotta love that.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I've started! I tried a few years back after quitting smoking but couldnt really get into it. I'm not exactly into it now either but I'm trying harder so it could become a regular activity. I'm following a start running program I read in a magazine and it seems to be working so far..this is only week 2. There is a baseball field near my house that is perfect. I can do laps on the soft gravel (actually its more like a kitty litter/chaulk combo) and not do severe damage to my body PLUS Abby can come with me and run around the fenced in field while I run. There is a little playground next to the field so I can take Eric or Emma some days and they can play there with Abby. Knowing that I dont need to get someone to watch the kids so I can exercise makes me more likely to keep it up. Hubby wants to start too but I dont think he will...he says he will but he also said he'd start walking with me, a month ago.
We made a fairly large purchase today. I'll post pics just as soon as we get it home.