Sunday, February 28, 2010


Now it feels real. The house plans have been submitted to building supply centers in the surrounding area for materials quotes. The trusses are being designed....because I need that design to have an engineer design a tall wall ($$$ extra expense but I am not giving up my 2 storey living room). The land has been measured and survey is Mon. or Tues. All building permit applications are filled out and waiting on the survey. We are ordering windows in the next few weeks because there's a big window sale. =o) So far, I'm lovin' it. I roamed around Home Depot yesterday looking at tubs and tiles and kitchen cabinets...there was some drooling. =o) I cant wait until I am allowed to start buying this stuff!

We still have a lot to do with the current house. No actual papers have been signed yet. Everything is falling into place but we need a water sample and 'maybe' a new survey..depends on the buyers lawyer. I have some stuff packed but no idea where we'll live and I dont really want to find and commit to something until this house sale is a done deal. We did look at one rental yesterday and I was a little freaked out. $900 a month and it wouldnt have been out of place at all if I had seen rats and roaches in the place.

Thats it for an update. I just realized that I have pictures on my camera from months ago. I havent taken or posted anything in ages...I think the xmas pics are still on my camera. =o) Will work on that.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Now..where was I?

Getting back to the goals I was 'supposed' to be working on in Feb. Ha! Not really happening....BUT...I have achieved other goals that I was going to put on future lists so thats something.

I havent so much as looked at the wii in over a week.
I havent been watching what I'm fact, I have been eating what I want, when I want all week....including take out..twice.

I have gone on a date with each kid... Took in a movie with my hair done AND even bought myself a kickass new outfit. House plans are in our possesion and I have started pricing things but the most important accomplishment this month....WE SOLD THE HOUSE! Now I can work on everything else....huge relief because I thought this place would never sell. We have to find a rental that will most likely be cramped but knowing that from there, we'll move into our dream home..I can handle it!