Saturday, September 30, 2006

A lame entry, because I have no imagination

Working, again. I am so tired. I worked the overnight last night. Got home at 7:30 but had to stay up until I got Eric off to school. Crawled in my bed at 8:30 and slept until my little princess woke up at 10. I managed another 30 min nap before I had to come back to work but I am exhausted. Thank God I'm off for several days.
I have a whole bunch of plans for my time off. I dont think we'll get to do everything but I'll be pissed if we dont get to do any family stuff as my time off will be wasted....yet again. Jerry and I are going to see if we can put a huge dent in the kitchen renovation too. He's been too busy lately to make any progress and we're having a party next weekend so that's our motivation. It doesnt have to be finished because we have another kitchen, and its an outdoor party...but if it rains, I'd rather not have guests tracking plaster dust through the house. I'll be praying for decent weather. Chilly is ok, just not wet.
I am uber excited about tomorrow night. Hubby gets his birthday gift from me! I'm making a kickass romantic dinner for two..thats right, two, not five! The kids are sleeping over at my mothers. This has NEVER happened. I've gotten rid of one or two but 3??? Wow, a dream come true. lol. I wont say what his gift will be but it'll be damn good.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The kids

First let me say that I am not one of those overprotective psycho moms. Eric came home from school, grabbed a snack and said he was going to V's to play. Fine. Suppertime, I sent Emma across the street to get Eric, they hadnt seen him all day. I called the only other 2 friends in the area, no Eric. He does not go anywhere else, ever. He always lets me know where he'll be, even if its in the next yard. The feeling you get when this happens is indescribable. My heart was in my throat and I'm sure all the color drained from my face. Even Jerry, who is not one to panic, looked scared and jumped in the van. I live on a main road and I'm sure there are nutjobs out there. So many things went through my mind in the 30 minutes it took to find him....alone, at the river in our backyard, fishing. Phew!
Last fall Emma opted not to go back to Girl just wasnt cool. Today, she decided that it is cool again and joined Pathfinders. I love this! All of the girls in Pathfinders were with her in Brownies and Girl Guides for a few years and they are really good kids. It seems like the friends that she's been hanging around with are an awful lot like I was at that age, and that scares me. Hopefully, this new/old crowd will keep her out of trouble.
She is also taking sewing lessons starting next week. My mother is giving classes and Em can go for free provided she helps with the cleanup after each class. Looks like everyone is getting handmade gifts this year for Christmas.
No blog entry would be complete without mention of my youngest, Abby. Damn she is cute and getting cuter every day. She never shuts up, ever. If she isnt talking, she's babbling or singing...and this kid sings everything. Every theme song of all of her favorite shows...when she doesnt know the words, which is quite often, she throws in a lalalalala in the right tune. Its sweet. She knows twinkle twinkle, all of it, and sings it to me every 4 minutes or so. lol. She also loves Chicka chicka boom boom and I am forced to read it to her many times a can I say no? The child is showing an interest in books and I love that.
Still no sign of readiness re: potty training. I'm not even going to bother trying yet because she just isnt ready. I'm waiting for my sis in law to comment on that...should be fun since her 5 year old just got out of pullups last month. I am in no hurry for her to grow up....I'd keep her little forever if I could.
I'll post some recent pics of the little darlings tomorrow or the next day. =o)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It seems like the majority of my blog entries are complaints about my darling husband...I wonder why? The phone rang early this was Light and Power, wondering why they havent recieved a payment in 2 months. I was tired, said I'd pay today and went back to sleep. It didnt occur to me to get angry until the cable company called to tell me that we were scheduled for disconnection tomorrow. Ummm, cable internet..disconnected..season premieres...missed? I dont f**king think so. Both companies have main offices near where hubby's company office is so he figured its just easier to stop in every month with payment...but he hasnt done it! We are set up to pay everything online but one thing got screwed up months ago so he'd prefer not to. I just checked and we have the money but he didnt pay the bills. I am so taking over the bill paying in this house, starting today. I paid online and everything should be fine now, but what kind of person risks losing his wifes cable??? My god that man has a death wish!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Noooooooooo! Eva is the new Canadian Idol. Ugh! Craig was so much better. He has an awesome voice and should have won. I'm not just saying that because he's a fellow Newfoundlander, he was just better, and he's only 16! Hearing him sing Danny Boy tonight gave me chills. I hope he goes far on his own....being second may be better since he has more freedom than the winner has. Go Craig!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Just's late

I am a kitchen goddess! Ok, so we've been eating crap for a while now. I dont have time to cook anymore and when hubby does, its grillin' or kraft dinner. Today I decided to give the kids a decent meal for a change...when kids start asking for gravy and veggies, something is wrong. I made a fantastic pork loin roast with ooodles of veggies and kickass gravy, but the kicker, was an apple salsa that I made for the pork. I need applesauce on my pork but wanted to make something different. Peeled and sliced apples, apple juice, brown sugar, red onion, maple syrup and crushed chilies. Sounds weird but was sooo, sooo good. The little bit of spicy from the chilies was perfect...and I dont do hot. I've got to get back to cooking again. Decent meals at least twice a week. I get all of my veggies for free, no reason not to eat them regularly.
I was speaking with my grounded teenager today. She thinks it is unfair that her punishment is grounding for 2 whole weeks when her friend was only grounded for 1 day for something much, much worse. My kid came home 2 hours past curfew....the other kid...hit.her.mother! OMG! One day of grounding for hitting your mother. I was floored. What is going on with kids today??? More importantly, what kind of mother grounds her kid for one measly day for something so major??? Makes me ill.
I'm at work right now. It's 5am. I'm tired, hungry, cold and am feeling a tad nauseous. I am DYING to find out if LadyA had her wee one but forums and the like are strictly forbidden at work so I cant go check. It's KILLING ME! I'll be home in 2.5 hours and can check then.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Wanna buy a teenager?

Seriously! Less than a year in to this teenager thing and I am pulling my hair out. The boys are one thing, the attitude is a whole other area that I am not ready to deal with. I worked Sat. night...before I left I let the teenager know that she had to be in by 11 if she went anywhere. Hubby needed the van so he drove me to work and had to pick me up at 1am. I called home shortly after 11 to say goodnight to teenager, but she wasnt home. I called again at 12, still not home but hubby said he could hear them across the street so he'd just give a shout if she wasnt home in time for him to come pick me up (she has to be here with the other kids...apparently there is a rule about leaving them home alone. lol). I figured he'd deal with that so at 1 I finished work and went outside to wait. No hubby. At 1:15 I decided to call home..hubby answers, says he is just leaving because teenager just walked in the door. She decided, along with a few friends, to walk the other friends home. I was sooooooooo mad! Honestly, if she had called I would have let her stay out til 12:30, as long as she was here in time for hubby to leave. She said she couldnt call because they were at a party, and it was outside. Ugh! It was in a freaking backyard...near a house...with a phone. Anyway, I finally had a chance to sit and discuss this today. I decided on a 1 week grounding and no computer during that time. She was such a little snot! She didnt even understand why. Fast forward to suppertime. I told her that after homework, she has to put away the piles of clean laundry in her room and tidy her other stuff. I go up hours later and it isnt done...know why? She said she didnt want to. She lost her stereo for that one. I told her to have the laundry put away before bed....she didnt do it! She completely ignored me! So, I took the guitar. Next is the tv. Teenagers suck.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I owe you one!

I have got to stop saying that. Anytime someone does me a favor, or even does something nice, I follow up with a 'Thanks, I owe you one'. Ugh! I keep forgetting that at some point, the 'I owe you one' becomes a favor that someone will eventually call me on. I have myself roped into babysitting because my sister gave me a pair of jeans and I said...I owe you one. I am spending several hours over the next few days painting my mother in laws rental house because she babysat for me and I guessed it, I owe you one. No more! From now on, I'll say Thank you and move on...if somehow, I forget and say I owe you one again, I'm giving someone a kid or something instead of doing a favor. Keep that in mind if 'I owe you one' and you decide to take me up on it. =o)

Think Good Thoughts!

My nephew is back in Toronto for yet another surgery. The poor kid has been through hell these past few years....hopefully the surgeons who are working with him now have the know how to fix him so he can live a normal life. He goes in at 9am tomorrow (its after midnight so today really) and the surgery is expected to last 3 hours. The last time it was a 4 hour surgery and it lasted 6 hours. My poor sister was going crazy waiting for someone to talk to her and tell her what was going on...turned out it was going better than planned so they kept going (embolizing veins). He ended up back in the hospital when he got back home and was laid up for a month because of some after effects of the surgery. He was only out of the hosptial a week when he had to go back in for chemo for the thyroid cancer. He is a trooper though and has an amazing sense of humor about it all. Gotta love him. If you pray, say an extra one tomorrow....if you dont pray, think good thoughts.