Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Since I have nothing to actually blog about, I figured I'd give the place a makeover. I'll replace the pic with one of myself when I get a chance to take one.

Made me laugh

This was just too funny to not share.

25 Most baffling toys from around the world...

6 Things you didnt know you can get addicted to.

Funny stuff no?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Blog Neglect?

Do neglected blogs just curl up and die?

I've been busy with work, renovations, kids, hubby, facebook, delphi, ebay and everyday housewife/mom stuff. But I'm here now. That counts.
There really hasnt been anything going on worth talking about. My life is pretty dull so instead of trying to come up with some pathetic post for the sake of posting something, I wont. I'll just walk away now and come back in a day or two...or three, hopefully with an interesting anecdote or even a few cute pics.
Til then.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Not the best pics but its me.... actual real live pics of me! This is huge. I realized today that when I do my picture wall in the family room...of duh! family pictures...I wont be there. lol. I can put up a wedding pic but thats it, there are no more. Since I no longer look anything like I did on my wedding day, I thought it was time to take a few random snaps.

There were several taken and I didnt even delete any! I'm famous for that and it drives hubby insane. Pic is less than flattering...delete, I look fat...delete, I have my eyes closed...delete. Today I didnt and thats a huge step for me. Yay!

Check out the snow! Today was a rare nice sunny day...but it was only about 1 or 2 degrees. See my little red car in the first's almost ready to emerge from its icy winter sleep. Rain in the forecast for tomorrow so maybe she'll be free! Cross your fingers...its easier on gas.

Can I have a goat???

The answer has been no for weeks but Emma keeps asking. lol. She spent the weekend at my sisters house..the sister who has a little farm with cows, a horse, pigs goats. She fell madly in love with the one in the pic, whose name is Sheila (Em named her) and made me fall in love too. Damn, what a cute little creature. I can admit that its adorable and move on....Emma, Abby and Eric however, all wanted to keep her. Check out the less than happy Abby pic...this is right after Jerry told her that she cant have any animals, period.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Not much to say

It's been ages since I posting anything worth reading here....and dont get excited because this isnt a comeback. I still have nothing to talk about..nothing new going on here and certainly nothing interesting. I thought I'd share these pics instead. Love the middle one, if only I had thought to brush Abby's hair first. That's a very rare smile on Eric's face and the only reason its there is because Abby farted. lol.

Someday you'll see a pic of me on here...not any time soon mind you but someday. I'm currently dieting...the goal is a 25lb loss by June. How hard can it be? I'm picking up an elliptical this weekend and have been doing ok with other excercising and eating, if some of those 'enablers' that I work with would behave, I'd be skinny in no time.
Also need to mention that professional pics will get done soon...for really real. The cute little chinese dress arrived from Shanghai and the bruises have healed nicely. I'm hoping I can do this without an appointment because you know what happens when that appt. gets made. Stay tuned.