Thursday, October 30, 2008

Abby's Photo Shoot

I have many people requesting recent pics of the kids so I figured I'd take some while the weather is nice and yard looks pretty. Emma was too busy and Eric flat out myself and Abby had a little photo shoot. I am in love with the first pic. I seriously think I might copy Nuclearmom and have it blown up to ginormous (totally a word) and mounted on whatever it is they mount them on. I'd love to have one awesome shot of each kid done the same way. Perhaps I just need to offer the other two money, or use death threats. lol.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here I am!

It's been ages since I blogged last..ok, not ages, more like a week.
The living room is DONE! Repainted, cute little cubby w/shelves and lighting is built, fireplace is painted and I bought an electric insert and its clean...really clean. I still have to hang a few things on the walls...I'm hesitant because they look so good with no nail holes. There is no clutter of any kind in there. Awesome feeling.

Next up is the main hallway...level the floor and replace carpet...and paint if I can ever decide on a color. Hubby gets excited when he finishes a project...its a job to get him started but when he sees how good things 'can' look, it motivates him so I dont think it'll take forever. I might have to give up on the master bath before xmas idea's almost November? Where has the time gone?

The kids are good, work is work and nothing new has happened in the past week. Hopefully my next blog entry will be more entertaining. If all else fails, I'll post pics.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Abby (aka-Mr.Wonka)

You are probably thinking that this is Abby...not so. It's Mr.Willy Wonka. She looks for her hat the minute she opens her eyes in the morning and wears it almost all the time. I pry it off of her head for school (the cane and wonkavision glasses are also necessary accessories). She seriously thinks she is fooling me when she puts this on....I have to address her as Mr.Wonka...if I call her Abby while she is in Wonka mode, she looks around and says Abby isnt here. lol.

Abby funny.

Yesterday I was having supper with the kids.

Abby: Santa Claus is going to bring me a Serious Ming Ming.

Mommy: If you're good he will, bad kids get dirt. (I know, I'm mean)

Abby: I'm a good kid like Charlie Bucket (good kid in Willy Wonka movie..the rest are rotten)
....Eric is a good boy too and you Mommy, you're good.

***phew, good thing because I seriously dont want dirt***

Emma: What about me Abby? Am I a good kid?

Abby: No, you're a mental patient. *laughs hysterically*

I dont know where she gets it! Honest I dont!

Monday, October 06, 2008


The living room is just about done! I know I said it would be done in Sept. but this is close enough. We bought an electric insert for the fireplace that needs to be installed....normal people plug it in, pop it in the hole and voila! instant light/heat. Not can never be that easy. Hubby has decided that the cord cannot be visible and has proceeded to drill through the 10 inch thick concrete hearth so the cord can go to the basement and be plugged in there. Genius? I think not.
In the next few weeks we'll be doing another major project...the main hallway/stairs. I know its not a big area but its a big job. I'll be hauling up the carpet so that hubby can level the floor....then I need to idea what new idea what color...replace trim...possibly dismantle the computer cubby. I dont want to, hubby does...I am trying to give in on the little things so that I appear nicer. I'd like to replace the front door even though ours is fairly new...I want a 3/4 french because the area is dark and dingy.
After that...the master bath. Hopefully.