Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Cutest Pic!

A friend of my sisters dropped by while we were visiting with this little cutie. Abby fell in love! She kissed him numerous times and bawled her little eyes out when he had to go home. I love this pic.....ignore the dirt on my kid. She's normally clean, honest.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Abby is still nuts about ducks, or quack quacks as she calls them. We found this cute little river in Brigus yesterday and were amazed at how friendly the ducks are. They were eating out of our hands and didnt seem to mind when we picked up the babies. Em got the runt of the bunch and wanted to take it home...and I was ok with it as long as she ducknapped a friend for him but Jerry, the party pooper, said no ducks in the new van. Whatever.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Me, the no longer housebound

I am the proud owner of a vehicle!!! No idea what it is though. lol. I was seriously fed up with being housebound....and really not looking foward to travelling to work in the oil truck again, so I told hubby to go ahead and pick it out himself. My only stipulations....must be a 7 seater van and it cannot be turquoise or green. Turquoise is just ugly and mom had a dream 25 years ago that there was a bad accident and a green car was involved...we are not allowed to own green vehicles...'cause she said so.
I'm also going to cave and buy a lawn mower tomorrow. I need one badly. Things might get better. =o)

Friday, July 14, 2006


I have very little to talk about today. Nothing has changed since yesterday so a real entry would just be a repeat of the last. I'll post some pictures instead.
Not sure what order they'll be in. Check out my super intelligent toddler fending for herself. What a survivor. She can find water! She pulls the plug from her water table and drinks what falls out..then sucks up the rest. That child will never go thirsty. She is also quite fearless. I have to retrieve her from the neighbors house the other day...I didnt let her go off on her own...I followed her to see how far she would really go...she got to their living room (through the open garage door) turned on the tv and sat on the couch. They consider my kids their honorary grandchildren because they have none and actually thought this was cute. I would not be impressed if strange little toddlers broke into MY house. lol. Anyway, she likes to try and get into the pool too...this freaks me out a bit because she is not afraid of anything!
And finally, I had hoped to capture the elusive nocturnal creature known as the teenager on film and I got lucky! This one was spotted coming up for air and was not pleased at being photographed without its perfect hair and makeup.

*Oh yeah, cant forget the boy child...he's in there too.*

*ok, so the pics dont show in the order I thought. You can figure it out. I didnt actually take any of these either...Denise did...I'm still too poor to own a digital camera worth using and if I had one, it would probably be broken anyway. lol*

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Life is crap

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. On Monday, hubby got ready to go to work...his oil truck wouldnt start. No biggie, he hopped in the car to go get the other oil truck, no reverse...the transmission crapped out. I decided to mow the lawn after lunch, nope, the mower decided to crap out on me too. A few weeks ago he was 'laid off'. He'll collect EI but will still make the same because his employer/father will pay the difference. He only works a few hours a day this time a year so no biggie..except being laid off is a big biggie when one is trying to get financing for a new vehicle. Ugh!!!! I thought we could just pay the $1000 or so and get the car fixed but NOOOO, life cannot be this simple, it's a freakin' hyundai so it'll actually cost more like $4000. The car is a '97! It isnt worth that much. I'm ready to sell some kids to get a new car...anyone interested? They're going cheap.
Which brings me to the other crappy side of my life. The kids are driving me insane. The older 2 are fighting constantly and the youngest has decided to try out the 'terrible two's' because, hey, why not? I started a book last week and am not even halfway through it because I have had too many days off. How sad that I get more reading done at work than at home.
And finally, the rest of the house. It is a disaster area. I have no floor in my kitchen and the cabinets are piled up in the porch! I have to walk through this several times a day and it is really starting to get to me. I spend so much time cleaning but it makes no difference at all because at the end of the day, this place is still a shithole. Is shithole one word or two? I'd love to just take off somewhere for a while, alone, with my half finished book and a case of Piat D'or but I have no freakin' way to do that!!! Anyone wanna give me a lift?

Monday, July 03, 2006

A long distance marriage?

I think not! Hubby wants to take off to Alberta to work on the oil rigs. There is big money to be made there and after seeing his buddies do so well with it, he wants to try too. He has a good job but until his father retires, it will always be the same...same hours, same money, same shit. I'd love to make enough to allow him to go back to school to retrain but sadly, I dont. If he goes, it will be for a few months, then home for a few weeks, then off again. We can pay off all of our debt in less than a year and he'll be able to say he went...and hopefully be content to come back to his old job. BUT...I'll be here, alone, with 3 kids. I enjoy working, mostly because I know the kids are at home with dad when I work....but I'll have to get a sitter...which will make my working, less enjoyable. There is nothing worse than worrying about whats going on at home when you are unable to do anything about it. And what about MY time? Curves? Sunday morning yard sales, alone? Sleeping in?
Part of me is excited at the possibility of being debt free in such a short period but the other part can already envision the burned out, crabby mom that I will become. I didnt sign up for single parenthood! Am I just being selfish? Oh well, this is just a vent...we'll see what happens.

Ketchup is a vegetable

If it isnt, it damn well should be! Abby has always been a good eater, that is, until she discovered ketchup. She wont eat anything, even her old favorites, unless she has a dollop of ketchup on her plate for dipping. Most of the time, she just dips her fork in the ketchup and ignores the food. I'm hoping this will be a short lived phase.