Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unsuccessful picture day

Nobody wanted to cooperate. Eric took off when he saw me outside with the camera after school. I managed to guilt him into one shot. Emma laughed most of the time so pretty much every pic has her laughing or being goofy. Abby just didnt want to sit still. Love that shot of her with blackie and the last one, with the funny grin...she looks like a cindy lou who. That grin was because she heard Eric's bus pull up.
I'm going to try this again...maybe tomorrow.

Please forgive my lack of formatting knowledge. I dont know what I clicked to make my pics display this way. Screw it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Me

It's after midnight so its officially my birthday. I'm 34 today. Just got back from a little shopping excursion with my teenager. I was given a few birthday bucks and I had some leftover from xmas but I couldnt find a thing to buy! The one thing I wanted, this air climber, was a little bit too pricey...ok, so it wasnt even that expensive but I'm a cheapass...and maybe I wont use it anyway. I'll keep an eye out for a sale or something.
Stay tuned. Some time in the next few days I'm taking oodles of 'nice' pics of the kids. Will post them here. *nice=clean face and matching clothes.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The 'C' Word

Scary. I was ok today when my doctor said I have thyroid cancer. I am dreading the second surgery but my nephew had the same cancer and he is fine, so I will be too..right? I need the full report before I relax. If it has spread to the lymph that it? Where else could it go? I'm sure they'll call when the report comes in but until then....I need a drink.

Abby has been super clingy ever since I got out of the hospital, 2 weeks ago. I cant be in a different room or she has a meltdown. She is constantly climbing up on my lap asking for hugs....very cute but it does get tiresome. She didnt cope very well without me for 4 days and I dont think she'll do any better the next time. Maybe I can make life size cardboard cutouts of me? Printable masks for the babysitter?

Monday, January 21, 2008

I am sad.

Hubby and I are fighting...actually, not so much fighting as not speaking. We had a huge blow out yesterday afternoon and its been silent ever since. This is one of those situations that we relive every few months...its our biggest relationship issue and it never gets resolved...just sent to the back burner for a while until money becomes an issue again. I want to finish up some projects around the house, put the apartment back the way it was and stick this sucker on the market. The market is great right now and everything in our area is selling..quickly. He wants to fill our empty rooms with boarders to make as much $$$$ as possible in the next few months so that we can actually do things this summer. Hell, I'd love the extra money too but he isnt thinking of anything else..just the money. Where do the boarders come from? All that work and there may be none looking for a place this time of the year. Who will feed them? Clean up after them? My BIGGEST issue is that I leave for work at 4:30 or 6:30 pm depends on the day. He is never home so Em watches the kids until he gets here. Ummm, no way am I leaving my grown up looking girl with a bunch of strange men. He doesnt even see a problem with this?????
There are other issues here too...lots of them...I'd sit down and discuss things with him but we arent speaking.
Damn you NuclearMom!!!!!!!! I am determined to finish a room this month. I was ok with just an area but you had to go and brag about doing a whole room. lol.
I still have more than a week to do this. How hard can it be?

Monday, January 14, 2008

I love you guys!!!

I have the best friends ever! Some people dont consider them to be 'real' friends as I've never met most of them in person....but real friends they are, and damn good ones. I got a surprise visit today from Karen with a whole pile of goodies from all of my friends on The Rock. Not sure if everything is visible in the pic so I'll list for you.

Flowers....a HUGE bouquet...enough for 2 large vases...and they are gorgeous.

Chicken Penne size, just heat and serve.

Coconut cream pie!

2 magazines...Martha Stewart and Canadian living

2 books...Anita Shreve- A wedding in December and Alice Sebold- The Almost Moon

Lindor chocolate balls! Mmmmm. *Abby loves them. lol*

A get well card. =o)

I keep telling myself that I'm fine..just a little cut and its almost better. I refuse offers of help because thats just the type of person I am. Once I found a vase and arranged the flowers I started to feel woozy and had to lie down for a bit. Maybe sometimes I really do need a hand...having a meal already prepared..and perfect and very much appreciated. Thanks so much! You guys are all awesome.

Monday, January 07, 2008

The cuteness that is Abby

Oh my God. My kid is adorable, seriously adorable. In the past few weeks her speech has just bloomed and she is the sweetest thing. Ok, so sometimes she'll try to beat the snot out of her big brother but most of the time the sweetness comes out. Constantly asking for hugs, kisses, singalongs and stories and she is more pleased with these little things than she was with any of the gifts she got at Christmas. Eric bought her a little penguin teddy bear today which she liked but when I pulled a pair of chenille socks out of my pocket that my sisters kid had outgrown she was over the moon! She did a happy dance and had to put them on right away all the while screaming "I love them, they're booootiful". I took them off when she got into bed because they are too warm but when I went to re-tuck her after she had fallen asleep, she was cuddling them, along with her penguin and blackie (the never leaves her side stuffed cat). Awwwwwww. Cuteness right?

Eric and I had a date on Friday morning. We went to chapters so he could spend his gift cards that he got for Christmas. He loved being there and I loved watching him! Seriously, there is nothing better than seeing just how much your child loves books. It's an awesome feeling. He is the cheapest little bugger I know (gets it from his grandfather..on his dads side) and wont spend any money on anything...while his bank account grows larger than mine. He had $30 in gift cards and didnt flinch when his total came to $65. He even bought a book for me....and when I tried to pay him back he said no.
He also cooked himself..the other day. Chicken cacciatore. I'll have that boy trained yet.
I've been working a lot lately and Jerry's hours have been horrendous so we have had to rely on Emma to watch Abby on quite a few occasions. I hate being that mom. My best friend had to watch her sister all.the.time and it was such a pain that I vowed never to do it to my own kids...ever. But..sometimes you have to. Em does a great job and never complains...ok, so she's a teenager so there is a 'little' bit of complaining but its never very serious.

I'm having one of those "Damn my kids are awesome" weeks....hope it keeps up.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's 3:45am on New Year's Eve (day if you want to be picky) and here I sit at work. No better time to make a list of resolutions I say!

Get skinny. This is seriously the year for me. I'm willing to try anything and everything, including drugs and if I had the money, lipo. In my closet sits a pile of really good clothes and all of it is just a tad too small. My goal, for now, 25lbs.

Date nights with hubby will be reinstated. Just one night a month, away from the kids. Shouldnt be too hard at all.

Date nights/days with the kids. One day a month each...that's 3 days a spend some one on one time with each kid.

I will learn to be tolerant! I need this, especially when we get new people here at work.

I'm also going to give my appearance a little boost. No more pj's in the middle of the day and definetly no pj's worn outside the house. If I lose weight, I will have more to wear and wont have to live in pj's so this one probably wont come into effect right away. I will try though.

Declutter my house! A room a week...or month...totally decluttered. Many need a good cleaning and painting too. No reason why I cant do all of that since I wont be sitting around eating anymore. =o)

Happy New Year everyone!