Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter Semi-Formal

I took Emma to the mall a few nights ago to choose a dress for the winter semi-formal. She took a friend along because all teenagers need reassurance that they look fantabulous in whatever they choose to buy. At first I tagged along, wanting to make sure she didnt end up with something a little too revealing for a school dance...not that my child is an exhibitionist, but fabric is a hard to come by feature in todays fashions. Eric was with us and rather than subject him to a fate worse than death (girly shopping), I hit the games store with him and left Em and her friend on their own. Did I mention Em insisted on paying for this herself with her xmas money? How sweet does she look? She said several teachers commented on how 'classy' she looked and I agree, she does. And...she found the dress (which is taffeta with optional straps) for $20 and the knit shrug for $8. Bargain it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wow, 3 weeks since I last blogged. Since then I've had a lovely Christmas and New Years, been through the stomach flu and am currently on regular flu. No major events in my life, no minor ones either....been pretty dull around here.

I know we're 2 weeks into the New Year but I forgot to blog about my resolutions so here goes:

2009 will be my skinny year! I dont care if losing 20lbs means cutting off a freaking leg...I will lose the weight.

Oct. 2009 will be my/our 10th wedding anniversary. We never had a honeymoon due to lack of funds/crazy work schedule and I always said we'd have one on our 10th...if we were still together. lol. I dont care where we go but I need to go somewhere, even for a weekend, just me and my man.

There are more but I'll have to come back and edit as my stomach is doing something nasty and I think I should be closer to the bathroom right be continued.

SCRAPBOOKING! That's the other thing I need to do this year. I have so much money invested in this that I just need to make the time to do it. I also need somewhere to set it up and just leave it so I can sit down and scrap whenever the mood strikes. I also need a new printer. I'm already planning on several xmas gifts for next year that involve scrapbooking supplies so thats my motivation.