Friday, August 31, 2007

Birthdays and hikes and pottys, oh my!

Happy Birthday my middle child! Eric turned 9 on Aug. 18th. We had a little surprise party for him in Terra Nova. It was sweet...hubby cooked jiggs in the cookhouse for our camping neighbors and everyone went out and got little gifts for him at nearby stores and gift shops. We killed 4 cakes and a good time, and full bellies, were had by all. When he goes back to school he is having another party, his 'real' one. No, its' not a gift grab. Summer birthdays suck. He has never had a birthday party with classmates so this year he will.
I still cant believe its been 9 years! Holy crap, where does the time go?


While camping in Terra Nova National Park, I decided to take a hike a small mountain. Its a pretty big tourist attraction because its just so damn gorgeous when you reach the top. The walk up through the woods is pretty nice too...if you can stop gasping for breath and clutching your heart long enough to take in the scenery. I am out of shape, this proved it. It was only a 5km hike but there were points where I welcomed death. My sister mentioned several times that she was afraid to see a bear...I wanted one to drag me away and eat me just to put me out of my misery. I kept looking up hoping to see something, anything, that signalled the end of the hike...never saw a damn thing until I was a few feet from the lookout. It was worth it. We carved our names in the deck so no one can ever say I didnt do it....I might even do it again next year. Hubby wants to sign us up for a 45km overnight hike...not sure we're ready for that yet.


Look how cute! Its all a farce. She is evil, pure evil. I wont go into it here but lets just say that the potty training...isnt working.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's been a while

I have been a little busy lately with life. I'm working a bit more than I'd like because we are very short staffed at work these days but that just makes me appreciate my days off so much more. I dont have anything to blog about really but felt bad for not writing anything is so long so I'll just do an update. Hows that?

Abby. God Bless her. She is such a joy. Every single morning she runs into bed with me (and daddy if he's not gone to work already) and is just so darn pleasant to wake up to. She brings a story for us to read, sings me songs and gives oddles of kisses and hugs before we march downstairs for cereal. She is still infatuated with Nemo although Monsters Inc is a close second. The potty training just did not happen as planned. Every. single. time she pees in her pull up, she'll stop and say "I'm post to pee in the potty". She knows when she has to pee and where she should do it but coming to tell me she has to go still doesnt happen until after the fact...sometimes midway. I'll try again next week while we're camping because she thinks the camper potty is cool.

Eric. I cant believe my little boy will be 9 in a few weeks. We'll be having a little celebration at the cookhouse where we're camping but the real party will wait until he goes back to school. Summer birthdays suck. He has never had a party with more than 2 or 3 friends in attendance (cousins..all girls, usually make up the rest of the guest list) because of summer activities. This year he can invite his whole class and he is delighted with that idea. His dad took him to see the transformers movie last week and this has rekindled his love for some old toys. I love seeing him play with 'real' toys instead of the playstation. Oh, and he still loves to read. I caught him curled up in a hammock swing the other day with a *gasp* book, during summer holidays?? Unheard of. oldest. She still thinks I'm the coolest mom. Not only because I let her get her eyebrow pierced but because I also got mine done. That makes me an awesome mom in the eyes of teenagers everywhere. Woo Hoo. She actually likes going camping with us and has been very fun and helpful most of the summer. Alien teenager? Last week she got her first aid certification to help her get more babysitting jobs even though she has been pretty busy babysitting already...she got a little taste of the $$$$ and now wants MORE. She is really looking forward to going back to school but I think it has a lot to do with showing off the nice clothes she is buying out of her hard earned money than getting back to daily learning.

Thats about it. Work is work, the house is pretty much the same and nothing new or interesting has happened in quite some time. I need to actually go out looking for adventure...yeah, thats what I'll do. Stay tuned.