Sunday, January 31, 2010

Epic Fail

I just went back and read last years New Years failed big time. In fact, I didnt even realize I failed until I was thinking about this years resolutions and noticed..they're the same as last years! lol

Soooo, this year will be skinny year and I will start scrapbooking again. Last year I was determined to finally go on a honeymoon but life got in the way. I'm ok with it now but its not looking like we'll be vacationing anytime in the near future since this year we'll be *fingers crossed* building a house. I am also doing the monthly goal thing again. This worked last year even if I didnt meet every goal on time.

Feb. goal....keepin' it real. Lose 5lbs.
30 min. daily wii workout.
get our land surveyed
get taxes done. This is a big one for me since in the past I have filed very
August late. I dont know why I do this since I usually have my t4's and everything all
ready to go. I'm just a slacker I guess.
Go on a date with my husband AND each of the kids, seperately.
Everyone needs some one on one time.

Thats it. Nothing major. How hard can it be?

Monday, January 25, 2010

It has begun!

Ok, nothing has really begun but we did start something and thats pretty damn exciting. House plans are being drawn up right now! We have to go back in a few days to make any changes and then we can offically get started. Woot! Of course, we have to wait for the ground to thaw but I have a good feeling about spring coming early this year.

My plan to make goals each month isnt working out very well. I feel like any goals I make should be home related....declutter something, redecorate a room etc....but since we're leaving this place soon, why bother? I've decided to make different goals...spend more time on ME. Have date nights with my hubby. Dates with the kids and family game nights. I screwed up January so I'll start fresh in Feb. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My grandchildren...

Abby: I have 2 children..a boy and a girl.

Me: What are their names?

Abby: I dont know...wait, the girl is Sara...I dont know the boys name yet.

Me: How old are your children?

Abby: Larry, the boy is Larry. They are both 5 but Sara's birthday is first.

Me: Where do they live?

Abby: Alberta. They work there and live in a truck.

Me: Why are they in Alberta?

Abby: To make lots of money for me, the mother, so I can have a dsi.

Gotta love her....but she is NOT getting a dsi for quite some time.