Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where is it?

November is what I'm referring to. Holy crap! It seems like it was October, I blinked, and now its just under 4 weeks to the big day!
I'm doing pretty good as far as shopping goes. I always try to get ahead of the game but time and money restraints usually put a stop to that....which leaves me scrambling every year around Dec. 20th with very little done. This year, not gonna happen. I have the majority of the gifts bought and just as soon as I get rid of the kids for a night and remember to buy scotch tape, I'll start wrapping. I'm decorating a room at a time instead of waiting for our little reno project to be over..might as well make the finished rooms look pretty so I have somewhere to hide when I'm tearing my hair out of the mess of gyproc dust everywhere else. I put a birch tree in the family room (just a branch, not a whole tree. lol) and a few little pretties around....the nice living room is next..maybe tomorrow..and for the first time in the history of my children, I'm letting one have a party. Emma wants to invite a few friends up for a holiday party on the 20th and I said yes. Still trying to figure out what she did to make me say yes....something in my drink perhaps? Since we'll have new light colored carpet I decided to let her decorate the apartment and have it there instead of the main part of the house...that way I wont care about the mess because I wont see it. Smart me.
The main hallway is just about done...plaster is finished and I need to paint, then the carpet guys will come and I can decorate everything else. Pictures will be posted.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm bored...dreadfully bored. All of the things that I want to do, I cant do because I need hubby to help...except the shopping bit...I dont need him to help with that, I just need his money. He's been working really late the past few days...7am-10pm and I'm getting lonely.
The house is clean, laundry is done, had fun times with the kids outside, its too early to decorate and theres nothing on tv. Blah. I have been sick all week...left work early on Monday, off on Tues, called in sick on Wed and Thurs. Now I'm off til Monday and I'd almost rather be at work.

I was going to drive the kids insane by making them wear fun hats and taking pictures for this years xmas cards but I cant find the hats and I passed my sickness on to Emma..who looks too crappy to be photographed right now.

This sucks. I should be delighted that I have nothing pressing to attend to.

Whine over. I'm going to dirt up a room or something.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Productive Girl

That's my new superhero name. I have a few days off and am really making the most of it. I usually sit around on the computer waiting for bursts of energy that never come. Not so this time. I've been hauling around furniture, tearing up carpet and floors etc etc and I've only just begun! Tomorrow I'll attack the pantry. It isnt a 'real''s a 4x4 (or maybe a bit bigger) closet in the porch. It's not insulated so its cold and where I should be storing my veggies....especially since we get them for free and should be hoarding. I keep coats and boots there too....among other things. So, tomorrow I'd like to put away all things summer, clean and paint the inside, pick up some bins (one for everyone to keep hats/mitts etc in) and some for veggies. Perhaps there'll even be room for some of the things I buy in bulk.
Carpet shopping next week! I'm setting a date/time for installation and that should be motivation enough for hubby to level the floor and get it ready.
Love progress! Love having a few days off in a row to progress! This place will soooooo be ready for Christmas.

Managed to get Em to stay still for 5 minutes for pictures. Still havent pinned the boy down but dammit I will! He cant hide from the camera forever.