Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Done!!!

Em got her head shaved this afternoon. Her grand fundraising total was 1000.00 even...which was her initial goal. She could have done more if there was more time but we are all delighted with this. I'd like to thank everyone who donated to this worthy cause. Everyone was so generous and I was seriously amazed at the number of online friends who donated via paypal! You are all awesome! Thanks soooo much! The local paper came by to interview Em so she'll have a little blurb in it next week (it's a weekly paper)....her 15 minutes of fame.

Enjoy the pics! As you can see they didnt shave the girls completely bald like the guys...the 2 guys are a teacher and the vice principal, the other girl is a friend who Emma roped in at the last minute. Doesnt my girl look gorgeous?! She loves it and everyone is super proud.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shave for the Brave!

Emma is doing this! She's raising money for cancer and then having her head shaved in front of the whole school! C'mon, you have to admit that she rocks. 15 year old girls dont shave their heads! Plus...her grade 9 farewell (a sort of mini-grad) is in May...she'll still be pretty bald...and she's ok with that. Love, love, love her. I'm going to help her collect pledges. Her schools goal is $1000 and 2 male teachers are doing it too...her personal goal is $1000. I'm sure she'll do it, maybe more.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blogging at its finest

Ha! Not quite quality writing. Just some updates and stuff.

Abby saw me snarfing down chocolate this morning (breakfast of champions dontcha know) and asked for some....but Mommy had already eaten every bit. Besides, who shares lindor chocolates with a child? What a waste. I spotted Eric's box of spongebob chocolates from valentines day and offered her one...."No way, they're Eric's" she said and ran away. Perhaps he beats her when I'm at work? lol. What kind of kid turns down chocolate, especially when its her brothers. Hell, I would have eaten it all when I was a kid then trash some toys and blame it on my sister. Kid has a lot to learn.

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo proud of Emma right now. Will have to update to let everyone know why as it isnt 100% just yet. Let me just say, she rocks.

Yesterday Eric read a book. This is not a surprise but it makes me feel good nonetheless. I took him to chapters where he bought a few and then came home, locked himself in the 'good' living room and read an entire novel in one sitting. He said it was the best book ever. Warm fuzzies.

Anyone looking for professional Abby pics wont see any for a while. Had to cancel the appt as someone fell down and has a few little bruises that will no doubt look ten times worse on film. Will reschedule.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The New Bed

The new bed! She loves it but her room is just plain sad. We need to paint the walls, clear out some toys and get a window seat cushion and new curtains....and a fish according to Abby. Way over on the shelf is a little fish bowl inside a wooden tv but no fish lives there, yet.
I'm thinking of doing a garden theme...the carpet is sage green so this could work. I want to put something across the window since its just not safe (right now its locked and the handle is removed but still...) so I've been thinking of making a picket fence to go there...with flowers and butterflies and ladybugs. Shoot, now I'm getting all excited and I still havent started the family room. lol.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back at it

Lookie what I got! I thought I deserved a little treat. I really shouldnt be spending right now because I ran out of paid leave last week but these are pretty and my collection has been neglected for a while now. For both with shipping was only around $30...I'd spend that on a good feed of Chinese (if I had an appetite) so I dont feel too bad.

I feel like shit. But thats no excuse. My house is a mess and none of the projects that I had planned on doing are getting done. Ok, so the whole hospital thing sort of put a damper on things but I'm back now! There are limits to what I can do right heavy lifting or stretching are the biggies and I'm like a toy with cheap batteries. I can go go go for a short period but then I collapse from exhaustion and have to recharge before I can go again. If I work around these issues there is no reason why I cant get my January project done before the end of February. So...Feb.= Family Room. March=Abby's room. Recuperating is for wimps!

Btw: Abby has an appt. next week for professional pics. Stay tuned!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The week in review

The trip: Emma has returned from her school trip to Quebec and it was a huge success. They didnt lose any kids and a good time was had by all. She brought back a few gifts for everyone...maple syrup and hard rock cafe mugs for the grown ups and cutesy toys and stuff for Abby and Eric. She managed to buy some clothes too....and one awesome sweater that I will wear some day!

The kids: They missed me while I was in the hospital. Eric just a tad but Abby....meltdowns daily. They got to spend some time with my dad and stepmom...a babysitting first and my mother in law spent a day here as well. Things just arent the same when I'm not here so I think everyone is happy that I'm home and everything can get back to normal.

The surgery: Ouch! lol. This one was much more painful than the last and it was just all around very unpleasant. My calcium levels dropped so I was hooked up to the iv many blood draws every 4 hours by totally incompetent people who have very little training it seems. My veins are not that hard to find....just stop and look....but they preferred the jab repeatedly with a needle until we hit something method. My black, purple and green arms are lovely thankyouverymuch.
On Fri. it was decided that my drainage tubes could come out. I was not looking foward to this but having them in is painful enough...getting them out is a few minutes of excruciating pain and then its over...right? Not so. The nurse got ready, I prepared myself mentally...she pulled...and pulled and nothing. She said that something was shouldnt be that hard but maybe its tangled in the other one...lets do that first....pulled, harder...and it came out. Ok, back to the first one. More pulling, me screaming and cursing (a lot of cursing, sailors would blush). I had to ask her to stop at one point because I was very close to passing out from the pain. I'm getting nauseous just typing this. She asked for help (just someone to hold me down really) and gave it another go...this time it came out but I swear to God it was the worst pain I have ever felt. They shot me full of demerol and gravol and I lay on the bed shaking until I slipped into a deep sleep.
Got out on Sat. and am so glad. I feel like shit. Constant nausea, shakes, wooziness etc but I'm home and getting lots of loves from Miss Abby.
I dont go back to the hospital for quite some time...early April I think. I'll have many appointments between now and then but the really hard stuff is over with....the rest should be easy.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

15 Years Ago...

15 years ago today, Emma was born. It was just a few days after my 19th birthday and I was single, broke and scared to death. Being slightly 'wild' back in those days, I figured I wouldnt have what it takes to settle down and be a decent mom....I wasnt the only one who thought this. Of course, no one told me until a few years later when it was clear that I wasnt a total screw up. =o) I think I did pretty damn good. She is an awesome kid with a huge heart. In the past few weeks I've gotten some amazing compliments about what a great job I did raising her. ***warm fuzzies***. I'm super proud and she knows it. In fact, the more I tell her, the better she gets. Must try this with the other 2. Here she is on the day she was born, on her 1st Christmas, on her 4th birthday...threw this in because its the closest to Abby's current age and I wanted to compare. Abby is 3yrs 7months right now. And the last...this past Christmas. She is such a her mom. She wanted to see what her hand would like like if it was a gingerbread man/hand. She's en route to Quebec now for her school trip. The house is quiet without her...ok, so not that quiet as I still have the other 2 here. She's had 2 stopovers so far and called her mom twice. Awwwwww. She doesnt want me to worry. =o)