Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I want a house

I dont want this house anymore. I want a new one. One that is pretty and clean with level floors and doors that open and close with ease. One with no more than 3 different types of flooring and without popcorn or tiled ceilings.
Hubby is sick of renovations...actually, he never wants to hold a hammer again. I love home makeovers but am sick of listening to him bitch and if the truth be known, a little tired of living with chaos. I have excess furniture and building materials all over the house. I'm done now.
House prices need to go down or at least stay put until I'm ready to put mine on the market....at the rate their going we wont be able to afford to leave.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fed Up

If I cant get hubby to do the little things, how on earth will I convince him to do the big stuff???? I cleaned the yard today...some of it...and started putting summer toys away in the basement...the basement that he was working on 6 months ago that isnt done yet. Seriously, there is a few hours of work down there to be done and then I'll have a clean, dry, stink free basement. A few freakin' hours! I'm afraid to say anything because the living room furniture is piled up in the middle of the living room and overflow is in the hallway...I would love to get that taken care of first and if I mention basement, he might actually do it. The man only has one job in him so I need to choose wisely. My plan is to spend tomorrow painting the living room. I'm one of those start to finish people so it'll be done....IF I can get him to finish the few little things he needs to do first...BUT...he's working on the oil truck AND in the garden so he isnt home long enough to do anything here. Did I mention that my little red car, that we badly need to use, is still sitting in the driveway, broken. If I suggest garage, he says he'll do it. See my problem? I should just have a drink instead.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bottom of the List

I'm only blogging right now because my blog keeps moving down the list that Nuclearmom has on her blog. I wanna be at the top! lol

Not much to blog about lately. Kids are great and loving school. Emma kidnapped a cardboard character from her grade 9 teachers classroom..its about 3ft high and is named Pierre. She created a girlfriend named Brigitte (who is dressed as a french maid) and pulled a Beaver Hat with them. lol. She's my kid for sure. She brought them places, posed them, sent them on a date etc and took many pictures. She created a facebook page for him and is going to send her teacher the link when its done...I think there will be a ransom involved.
Abby loves preschool. I had to pick her up early today because she threw up all over herself...and bad mommy left her change of clothes in the van. She's napping now.
Eric is Eric. He just joined cross country running and bowling and is eagerly awaiting the ripeness of his pumpkins so he can start making some money.
Work is crap. Many issues this week that really made me want to leave but I need to give it some more thought since it has many plusses too.

Projects. Ugh. Hubby has been sooo busy with work and the savory harvesting that nothing is getting done. The master bath hasnt been touched at all. The living room might get done in Sept. as planned...it's been plastered and sanded so all it needs is painting and a few built in shelves.
I'm hoping to get my part done this week....only if he finishes his stuff though.

Thats it. Nothing else going on here....but I'm at the top of the list now so I'm happy.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Tattoo!

The stencil thingy....
The tattoo artist, Joe. She'll be back in Newfoundland in 6 months and Jerry doesnt know it yet but he's getting a tattoo then.
The finished product....Celtic knot of motherhood. Looks wonky and unclear because of the vaseline she put on there. There is a pink dot in the top left, green in top right and purple at the bottom....kids birthstones (sort of, deeper versions of them anyway).

Monday, September 08, 2008

Preschool-Day 1

It went well! No other children were maimed and my little darling was just that...a little darling. This is if the preschool teacher can be believed...and I'm not saying she's a liar, just that maybe she didnt want me to feel bad. lol.
Here she is this morning, all ready to go with her nemo backpack (inside is a pkg of dunkaroos and a chocolate milk). I got one shot of her in the classroom before she sent me on my way.

I spent my time cleaning....one can accomplish quite a bit when there are no wee ones running about. I did 30 min. on the elliptical and took a long, uninterupted shower before I headed out to pick her up. I shall look forward to this time twice weekly.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happy thoughts

I had a full body scan back in late July (when the radioactive iodine was done...4 days later in fact). I didnt bother with getting results since I had an appt. for today and I have the patience of a saint. =o) Went to the doctor today and the whole thyroid thing is great....no cancer bits...treatment worked fine. But...there is a suspicious spot on my hip that needs further investigation. No prob, schedule something and let me know. The Doctor didnt seem overly concerned so I expected a typical few months wait. He told me his secretary would call me with the appt time by the end of the day. I got home at 1:45...at 1:55 the phone rings and my appt. is tomorrow morning for an xray and bone density scan. Part of me is thinking how lucky to get such a quick appt....the other part is wondering if there was a reason behind the rush. Fingers crossed/Happy thoughts. I'll be a basket case since the results take 2-3 weeks.

Update- went to my appt. yesterday morning. It was for 9am so I got a sitter and fully expected to be home by 11-11:30. Go to nuclear medicine only to discover I need a shot of something and then have to come back at noon for the scan! I am the worst patient ever. I dont even ask what I'm being injected with...total trust. They know what they're doing. lol. Got the shot and then went for the hip/pelvis xray...then I sat in the van for a while reading until I spotted hubby in the oil truck (he delivers oil to the hospital) so we had a chat for a while. Finally got back in for the scan...which took 30 min. Didnt realize that...again, not a question asker. lol. Lying perfectly still for that long is sooooo hard but I managed to close my eyes and doze a little.
**confession time** I totally stole the scrubs pants I was given for my xray. They were so comfy I just couldnt leave them there all alone in that sad little dressing room.

The First Day of School!

Woo Hoo! They're gone back to school. Now maybe I can regain my sanity. Here are my darlings all clean and shiny and new. Eric's was taken yesterday, Em's this morning...Miss High School went a day later. Holy crap! High School!
Eric went to grade 5. I'm super proud of the fact that I'm posting pictures and none are of Abby. Some people (not mentioning names but you know who you are) have accused me of favoritism since I mostly post Abby pics. Not today. Emma and Eric only. Abby starts preschool on Monday morning so she'll get her turn then.


The newest addition to our family, Marbles the hamster (the fish is named Randy...Randy and Marbles...this is funny for those of you who know what I'm talking about)...Abby named both pets. Just had to post a pic of the cage...isnt it cool. Some kid was giving away a hamster at a yard sale...I got it, this cage, several bags of food, shavings, toys etc etc etc for $15! My kids are delighted.