Thursday, June 08, 2006

Do I really need a title?

I'm almost at the one week mark. I'm such a bad dieter/exerciser. I promise myself that I WILL exercise this time and I WILL watch what I eat but by day 2, I'm pigging out on KFC and feeling like a failure. I havent had any junk for a few days and have been walking and doing my crunches daily. Ok, so 4 days is no big accomplishment but I really feel like I'll do it this time. I bought some minutes at the tanning salon and am poking away a few bucks for a new hairdo (I'm thinking I need to be a blonde again). Doing stuff for myself makes me want to lose weight more. I even bought some new makeup! I'm still a member of curves but finding the time to go there...kidfree...isnt easy, especially since I'm working almost every day. I'll try and find a way now that the kids are finished with their lessons and some evenings are freed up. I WILL be thin again! I hope. lol
My darling husband cannot finish a project. He will start it and be 90% done, then forget about it. The master bedroom finally got done after a year of nagging. The walls were plastered and painted, new flooring etc etc. Looks great, but I still have no baseboard moldings and the room looks unfinished. I did Eric's room last week...I might post a pic if it ever gets done. Same thing in that room. Paint, furniture, bedding, baseboard molding. It looks ugly! Now he wants to rip out my kitchen! We have another small kitchen so he wants to use that while he works on the main one. He works full time so the project will undoubtedly take a while, but he doesnt realize that we dont have the money to put a kitchen back. lol. Men, cant live with 'em, cant kill 'em.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Hans has the same problem as Jerry. Starts something and doesn't finish it completely. Or worse, gets halfway, needs something to finish the rest and keeps "forgetting" to get whatever he needs to complete it. Lovely.