Friday, November 03, 2006

Long distance marriage. Part 2

The talk of heading out west to work is back on again. Hubby wants to go to work on the oil rigs in Alberta because apparently, thats where the money is. He has been to two related job fairs in the past week and met some people/made some contacts and really wants to do this. It's killing me! Sure, it would be nice to pay off some debt and not live check to check. A family holiday every now and then would be pretty good too....but having a husband/father at home every night makes me happier than any amount of money ever could. I could deal with him being gone a week or two every now and then but for months?! Dont wanna do it!
I work most nights and he works all days so we really havent had much of a chance to sit down and discuss the pros and cons together....but I have a feeling that there will be many more pros than cons, at least in his mind, and this is one of those things that I really shouldnt keep him from doing because he'll regret it, and probably resent me, if he doesnt at least try. <----nothing like a good 'ol run on sentence to get my point across. =o)

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Nuclear Mom said...

I am sure you know this since I think we have chatted about it before, but I have been there, albeit, without a child. Back then it was tolerable and the money was great. But I also had grad school keeping me VERY busy.

Good luck on this very difficult decision.