Saturday, December 30, 2006

I resolve to...

**in no particular order**

Lose weight! My goal is 40 lbs but I'll really be happy with half of that. I plan to keep a food journal and get in some exercise every day.

Take better care of myself. This one is actually a combination of a bunch of little goals/resolutions. I have put off my yearly pap for 3 years now so that has to get done. I'm going to stop cutting my own hair and actually pay to get myself 'prettified' on a regular basis. Every now and then I'm going to go shopping and buy things for ME! This will work out much better if the whole weightloss thing goes well.

Have a permanent layaway at a local furniture store. I'm sick of thrift store and hand me down furniture buy dont want to finance any large purchases soooo...I'll just layaway stuff and pay on it like a bill.

Speaking of bills. I resolve to take over all bill payments! Hubby, God love him, is not great in this department. The money is always there but he just forgets. He also has no concept of time so when a cut of notice comes in the mail because a bill hasnt been paid for 3 months, he really believes that he just paid that 'last month'.

Get my kids on some sort of schedule. The past few months have been hectic because of my work hours. I wont be change those but can get hubby to help me out with things. They are getting more chores, scheduled homework times and less computer/playstation and tv time. I dont think they'll notice the latter too much...they'll be too busy doing chores! ha. Just kidding.

Spend more time with hubby. We rarely see each other right now. He works days, I work evenings. He usually gets home just as I'm walking out the door. On my days off, we are usually too busy doing other things to take time for each other. The kids have lessons and homework, plus we want to spend time with them while we arent rushed, then there is housework and a seemingly endless pile of 'to do's' to do. So, I'm making a date night. One night a month isnt too much to ask for and shouldnt be hard to do. Dinner out, or a movie and dinner in, hell, even just sitting for more than 10 minutes to talk about something other than children would be fantasic.

I think thats about it. There are a million other things that need to be done but they'll get done anyway. The above are goals that I am going to make a conscious effort to achieve. We'll see how it all goes.

Happy New Year!!!

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