Saturday, December 16, 2006

Spending Money

Wow! It is so easy to overspend when you arent paying attention. I went out this morning and got some great deals on gifts for Emma. This evening, Jerry and I hit Canadian Tire to buy a new vaccuum (badly needed and NOT a Christmas gift). Lights were on sale. This means, to my husband, the Clark Griswold wannabe, that he has to buy some. Lots. He declared last week that he wasnt doing lights this year....the sale however, was a sign from God and who is he to ignore God? lol.
After that, we hit walmart, where I spent more than I should have on clothes for the kids, movies, toys and the one thing that I hated to buy...the ipod video. $300 f***ing dollars! It's so small! She wanted one that was half the price but I couldnt find it anywhere so lest she have neither one, I caved.
Jerry grumbled all the way home about how much we spent. Odd, he never said a word about what we spent at Canadian tire. Men. Apparently its ok to spend his hard earned money on flashy lights but not on clothes that keep his children warm? When it gets cold, they can huddle around his multicoloured glowing orbs for warmth.

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