Monday, June 11, 2007


I've started! I tried a few years back after quitting smoking but couldnt really get into it. I'm not exactly into it now either but I'm trying harder so it could become a regular activity. I'm following a start running program I read in a magazine and it seems to be working so far..this is only week 2. There is a baseball field near my house that is perfect. I can do laps on the soft gravel (actually its more like a kitty litter/chaulk combo) and not do severe damage to my body PLUS Abby can come with me and run around the fenced in field while I run. There is a little playground next to the field so I can take Eric or Emma some days and they can play there with Abby. Knowing that I dont need to get someone to watch the kids so I can exercise makes me more likely to keep it up. Hubby wants to start too but I dont think he will...he says he will but he also said he'd start walking with me, a month ago.
We made a fairly large purchase today. I'll post pics just as soon as we get it home.

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Nuclear Mom said...

You go girl!

I have got to get motivated for exercise.