Friday, August 31, 2007

Birthdays and hikes and pottys, oh my!

Happy Birthday my middle child! Eric turned 9 on Aug. 18th. We had a little surprise party for him in Terra Nova. It was sweet...hubby cooked jiggs in the cookhouse for our camping neighbors and everyone went out and got little gifts for him at nearby stores and gift shops. We killed 4 cakes and a good time, and full bellies, were had by all. When he goes back to school he is having another party, his 'real' one. No, its' not a gift grab. Summer birthdays suck. He has never had a birthday party with classmates so this year he will.
I still cant believe its been 9 years! Holy crap, where does the time go?


While camping in Terra Nova National Park, I decided to take a hike a small mountain. Its a pretty big tourist attraction because its just so damn gorgeous when you reach the top. The walk up through the woods is pretty nice too...if you can stop gasping for breath and clutching your heart long enough to take in the scenery. I am out of shape, this proved it. It was only a 5km hike but there were points where I welcomed death. My sister mentioned several times that she was afraid to see a bear...I wanted one to drag me away and eat me just to put me out of my misery. I kept looking up hoping to see something, anything, that signalled the end of the hike...never saw a damn thing until I was a few feet from the lookout. It was worth it. We carved our names in the deck so no one can ever say I didnt do it....I might even do it again next year. Hubby wants to sign us up for a 45km overnight hike...not sure we're ready for that yet.


Look how cute! Its all a farce. She is evil, pure evil. I wont go into it here but lets just say that the potty training...isnt working.


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Nuclear Mom said...

Love the pictures! Abby is the cutest thing ever. Glad you are back too... it is boring around without you!