Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unsuccessful picture day

Nobody wanted to cooperate. Eric took off when he saw me outside with the camera after school. I managed to guilt him into one shot. Emma laughed most of the time so pretty much every pic has her laughing or being goofy. Abby just didnt want to sit still. Love that shot of her with blackie and the last one, with the funny grin...she looks like a cindy lou who. That grin was because she heard Eric's bus pull up.
I'm going to try this again...maybe tomorrow.

Please forgive my lack of formatting knowledge. I dont know what I clicked to make my pics display this way. Screw it.


Anonymous said...

Aww! I think they turned out pretty well. How cute is it that Abby is so excited for Eric's bus?

Nuclear Mom said...

You got some good pictures! Abby is just SO adorable. Cindy Lou Who - hee!

Jay said...

Sorry- you are wrong they are all pretty cute!