Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Not much to say

It's been ages since I posting anything worth reading here....and dont get excited because this isnt a comeback. I still have nothing to talk about..nothing new going on here and certainly nothing interesting. I thought I'd share these pics instead. Love the middle one, if only I had thought to brush Abby's hair first. That's a very rare smile on Eric's face and the only reason its there is because Abby farted. lol.

Someday you'll see a pic of me on here...not any time soon mind you but someday. I'm currently dieting...the goal is a 25lb loss by June. How hard can it be? I'm picking up an elliptical this weekend and have been doing ok with other excercising and eating, if some of those 'enablers' that I work with would behave, I'd be skinny in no time.
Also need to mention that professional pics will get done soon...for really real. The cute little chinese dress arrived from Shanghai and the bruises have healed nicely. I'm hoping I can do this without an appointment because you know what happens when that appt. gets made. Stay tuned.


Nuclear Mom said...

Love the pictures! The middle one is great, and I disagree, I like the tussled hair.

My MIL was having the kids pose when she was here a few weeks ago. She said, "wait and went and got a comb". Ruined it all IMO!

My son's hair is never combed with a part on one side. It wasn't him.

Jo said...

Ha! I never thought of that. I noticed some pics on your sil's site that are like that. Gorgeous pics but little boys that are really super neat...ummm, thats just fake. lol