Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Room...finally

It's been finished for a while now but I never did get around to posting pics. I love my purple couch...the fabric is chenille and oh so soft. Got it at a yard sale quite some time ago, reupholstered the cushions and voila. Got the paint free and my mom did the roman blinds...which I love. I am now trying to talk my sister into giving me an old square teak coffee table she has in her basement. The nice thing, the kids dont even mess this room up. They rarely watch tv in it since the living room in the apartment is still set up and all the toys are they cant eat in here. Will take pics of Abby's completed bedroom and post later today.


Karen said...

I love that paint colour! I've got squiggly branches in a pot too.

Nuclear Mom said...

Really nice! I like the paint color a lot!