Monday, March 09, 2009

It's been a while...

Life hasn't been too busy to blog, I just havent had anything going on worth talking about. We are working on the house like crazy, hoping to have it ready to go on the market by June...then the hunt begins. I really need a new house. I'm willing to sacrifice 5 years...maybe more. I hate subdivisions and swore I'd never live in one...but thats where we plan to live. I need for the kids to be able to just go outside and play with other kids....they dont have that now. Sure they have an awesome yard with every toy imaginable, a river, a gazillion trees to climb but that gets lonely...they need more kids. Em isnt within walking distance of any friends..or civilization for that matter...I hate having to driver her everywhere and her getting a summer job would be so much easier if she could walk to work. We went to a few open houses yesterday to get a feel for the market...yikes...scary prices for houses that arent anywhere near my dream 5 years however, I hope to be in a position to build. Thats the plan.

Abby has almost completed the kinderstart program. She has one more visit but this time she goes alone..which is fine with her. She loves going to school! I had a few concerns with her but the teachers are amazing so now I'm just going to relax and wait for Sept. No worries.

Trying to round up the kids to take more pics...stay tuned.

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