Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Now..where was I?

Getting back to the goals I was 'supposed' to be working on in Feb. Ha! Not really happening....BUT...I have achieved other goals that I was going to put on future lists so thats something.

I havent so much as looked at the wii in over a week.
I havent been watching what I'm fact, I have been eating what I want, when I want all week....including take out..twice.

I have gone on a date with each kid... Took in a movie with my hair done AND even bought myself a kickass new outfit. House plans are in our possesion and I have started pricing things but the most important accomplishment this month....WE SOLD THE HOUSE! Now I can work on everything else....huge relief because I thought this place would never sell. We have to find a rental that will most likely be cramped but knowing that from there, we'll move into our dream home..I can handle it!

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Nuclear Mom said...

Everything else can go on hold while you get through the next few months with selling your house, building and moving (twice). ;-) Very exciting time for you guys!!