Friday, September 17, 2010

Color Challenge!

Argh!!!! I am the go to person whenever a friend or family member needs decor advice....and people actually listen to me...and like my ideas. Why then, is it so freaking hard for me to decide on colors for myself? My mom/seamstress wants to get started on my window treatments before the holiday I have to buy fabric. No problem. I found, and bought, 2 that I like and will find coordinating fabric later...perhaps to match the walls? lol. I fell in love with a sofa that is so neutral, it will allow me to change a room simply by changing a few cushions. Today I found an awesome chair and ottoman (fabric is yet to be decided) and an adorable table that I plan on painting...yellow (maybe). The problem is the wall color. My living room isnt very big....18x20 with 2 giant churchlike windows on one wall. The ceilings are 18ft high and the upstairs hallway is open to the living room below. So, look at the collage....make suggestions, offer up brilliant ideas and lets see if we can relieve some of this stress.

* just because I bought both fabrics doesnt mean I need to use both....I just love them and I collect birdcages so the bird print was a must have.

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janet in ft worth said...

Oh, I'd say go with a gray, but depending on the light in your room, you might go with the more blue-gray in the bird fabric (or even a pale icy blue) or the warmer taupey gray in the other fabric. Then your very pale sofa and the brilliant yellow in the prints and your table will really pop with the black accents.

I'd definitely use both of those fabrics. I'd be inclined to use the bird fabric for the window treatments and then make throw pillows out of both fabrics, depending on how much you have. And perhaps you could choose a fabric for the chair and ottoman that is the other gray shade, if you decide to use one of them on the walls.