Monday, May 22, 2006

Stay at home dad, my ass!

I have worked the 5pm-1am shift all week. I get to bed around 2am and am up in the morning with the kids so hubby can go to work and he comes home in time for me to leave again. Today, I had to work the 3pm-11pm shift. I woke up at 10, had breakfast and fed the kids, got Abby dressed, did yesterdays dishes, a few loads of laundry, picked up the toys that were scattered throughout the house, vaccumed, made all the beds, cleaned the filthy bathroom, hunted down a bunch of outdoor toys that blew around the garden last night, gave the kids lunch, did the dishes again, got a shower and sat down to have a cup of tea before I left for work. Phew! I'm tired reading that. Anyway, hubby came home and sat with me for a few minutes and actually said...I'm still amazed at this..."Staying home with the kids isnt so hard, I'd love to do the stay at home dad thing." Honest to God! He actually said this!!! He's still alive but only because the dishes were washed and I didnt want to dirt up a knife.


London said...

Next's worth dirtying the knife.


Dianna said...

I agree with Londown. :o) You can always wash the knife afterwards.