Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jo's Nature Park

Over the past few days my backyard has been a wildlife haven. The rabbits must have had a good breeding year because there are oodles of them in my yard and sadly, squashed on the street in front of my house. I caught a bat in a flowerpot on my deck yesterday. It was the first time I had seen a bat and didnt even realize that we have them here in Newfoundland. I have squirrels that are around daily for the treats I put out (and a rat who comes out at night to get what the squirrels left behind) and all kinds of cool birds. My favorite visitor would have to be the moose that stroll through my yard quite regularly. I got a pic of this one a few days ago. There were 2 but one went on across the street and this guy turned around...I chased him trying to get a closeup but those buggers are fast.

I'm at work right now and I am NOT having fun~! I'm suffering from allergies and the sudafed that I took made me drowsy, and a tad nauseous. The new clients that we have are annoying. Ok, so maybe they wouldnt be if I had a clue about what I need to do when they call. My training lasted a whopping 10 minutes, no calls were taken during this training...all I got was a few sheets of paper 'telling' me what to do. Anyone who works with computers knows that this is NOT how it works. Nothing is going right and I'm frustrated. Ugh! I have tomorrow off so I hope the glitches are worked out when I get back in on Monday.


Karen said...

Cool moose! Doubt I'll ever see one in my garden! LOL

Shannon said...

Wow!! How neat!! Other than the birds, wee get a few bunnies and frogs but that is about it.

London said...

Wait, you expected more training than a sheet of paper the says "heads up" at the top? You are expecting far to much.


Love the animals. It's to damn hot here for anything to venture out before 10:00pm.