Thursday, June 22, 2006

The week in review

Finally, I am blonde. I messed up after trying to do it myself, several times and called a professional today. She quoted me an astronomical price and the time that would be involved just wasnt feasible, so I went back to the drugstore one last time. I bought 2 ash blonde dyes and am a little more pleased with the result than I was with the previous dye jobs. The orange is gone now but I'm not as blonde as I wanted to be. Being blonde requires more maintenance so after a few touch ups I should have the color I want. Phew. Glad thats over with.
My boss asked me to do something for him last week as he will be out of the country and may not be able to do it himself from there. I am NOT a technical kinda gal but I learned how to reset the fax and email servers at work from home and it isnt that hard! I was delighted to be trusted with this task and just assumed that I was doing him a favor. Turns out I get paid, and paid well, to do it. Sweeeeeeeeet!
My poor little princess is sick. She has pinkeye, a nasty cold and jaw teeth coming in. She is miserable! Her birthday is on Sunday and its just not right for little people to be sick on their birthday! I spent hours at Toys R Us today looking for the perfect gift for her. She has everything a child could possibly want so she ended up with this cute little desk...and some other small junk that I just couldnt resist.

School is out!!! The kids finished up today and are now, officially, on their summer break. I am so proud of them both! Their report cards were great. I am super proud of Emma for getting through her first year of intensive french with an 85% average overall! I'll probably use the extra money from work to treat them to some kind of kickass reward. =o)


Nuclear Mom said...

Happy birthday ABBY!!!

London said...

That desk rocks! My Toad approved squeeling: "It's Dora!" as soon as I opened your page.

Jay said...

Your baby is TWO already!!!!! Where does the time go?