Monday, June 19, 2006

Do blondes have more fun?

My natural haircolor is a light sandy brown. I havent seen it in many years. As a teen, I had black, blonde, purple, green, funky red and a million combination haircolors. I finally settled on blonde and stayed that way for several years. After I got married, I dyed my blonde locks brown and they have stayed pretty much the same (except for the occasional bottle of auburn dye) ever since. Some people say it looks nicer brown, most prefer blonde. Sooooo, yesterday, partly because of the aforementioned comments, and partly because of a desperate need to make my grey less noticable, I gave myself blonde highlights. This was just to lighten a little without a drastic change. The highlights were orange...a ghastly orange, but only on the top of my head...the bottom half needed more processing time or something because I had rust colored clumps of hair there. I wore a ball cap to work (I can do that on evening and weekend shifts) and ran to the drugstore on my lunch for more dye. Champagne Fizz...I figured to hell with subtle, I'd go all over blonde in one shot. Again, the top half is lovely, the bottom is still dark. I have to work this evening!!! Mom is coming up later so she's going to pick me up one more Champagne Fizz. If this doesnt work, I'm going dark brown and leaving it like that.
I also wanted to point out that I am a freaking moron! I like my job, so much that I picked up a bunch of extra shifts this week. Ok, so it was more for the money but since the job is great, working a lot doesnt bother me as it would for most people. I go in tonight at 7pm-1am, then again at 6am-3pm. I will be tired tomorrow. On Friday, I work from 6am-3pm and then again...later on Friday...11pm-7am. There wont be time in between shifts for a nap since I have to get things ready for Abby's birthday party. Oh well, I shouldnt complain since I brought this upon myself...but I know how tired I'll be and am not looking forward to it. I should start drinking coffee again.

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