Friday, July 14, 2006


I have very little to talk about today. Nothing has changed since yesterday so a real entry would just be a repeat of the last. I'll post some pictures instead.
Not sure what order they'll be in. Check out my super intelligent toddler fending for herself. What a survivor. She can find water! She pulls the plug from her water table and drinks what falls out..then sucks up the rest. That child will never go thirsty. She is also quite fearless. I have to retrieve her from the neighbors house the other day...I didnt let her go off on her own...I followed her to see how far she would really go...she got to their living room (through the open garage door) turned on the tv and sat on the couch. They consider my kids their honorary grandchildren because they have none and actually thought this was cute. I would not be impressed if strange little toddlers broke into MY house. lol. Anyway, she likes to try and get into the pool too...this freaks me out a bit because she is not afraid of anything!
And finally, I had hoped to capture the elusive nocturnal creature known as the teenager on film and I got lucky! This one was spotted coming up for air and was not pleased at being photographed without its perfect hair and makeup.

*Oh yeah, cant forget the boy child...he's in there too.*

*ok, so the pics dont show in the order I thought. You can figure it out. I didnt actually take any of these either...Denise did...I'm still too poor to own a digital camera worth using and if I had one, it would probably be broken anyway. lol*

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Nuclear Mom said...

The water table ones crack me up. Too funny!