Thursday, July 13, 2006

Life is crap

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. On Monday, hubby got ready to go to work...his oil truck wouldnt start. No biggie, he hopped in the car to go get the other oil truck, no reverse...the transmission crapped out. I decided to mow the lawn after lunch, nope, the mower decided to crap out on me too. A few weeks ago he was 'laid off'. He'll collect EI but will still make the same because his employer/father will pay the difference. He only works a few hours a day this time a year so no biggie..except being laid off is a big biggie when one is trying to get financing for a new vehicle. Ugh!!!! I thought we could just pay the $1000 or so and get the car fixed but NOOOO, life cannot be this simple, it's a freakin' hyundai so it'll actually cost more like $4000. The car is a '97! It isnt worth that much. I'm ready to sell some kids to get a new car...anyone interested? They're going cheap.
Which brings me to the other crappy side of my life. The kids are driving me insane. The older 2 are fighting constantly and the youngest has decided to try out the 'terrible two's' because, hey, why not? I started a book last week and am not even halfway through it because I have had too many days off. How sad that I get more reading done at work than at home.
And finally, the rest of the house. It is a disaster area. I have no floor in my kitchen and the cabinets are piled up in the porch! I have to walk through this several times a day and it is really starting to get to me. I spend so much time cleaning but it makes no difference at all because at the end of the day, this place is still a shithole. Is shithole one word or two? I'd love to just take off somewhere for a while, alone, with my half finished book and a case of Piat D'or but I have no freakin' way to do that!!! Anyone wanna give me a lift?


Karen said...

I think shit hole is two words. Trust me, I have an English degree. :)

Nuclear Mom said...

Ugh. Sounds awful. I feel your pain with the laid off husband.