Monday, July 03, 2006

A long distance marriage?

I think not! Hubby wants to take off to Alberta to work on the oil rigs. There is big money to be made there and after seeing his buddies do so well with it, he wants to try too. He has a good job but until his father retires, it will always be the same...same hours, same money, same shit. I'd love to make enough to allow him to go back to school to retrain but sadly, I dont. If he goes, it will be for a few months, then home for a few weeks, then off again. We can pay off all of our debt in less than a year and he'll be able to say he went...and hopefully be content to come back to his old job. BUT...I'll be here, alone, with 3 kids. I enjoy working, mostly because I know the kids are at home with dad when I work....but I'll have to get a sitter...which will make my working, less enjoyable. There is nothing worse than worrying about whats going on at home when you are unable to do anything about it. And what about MY time? Curves? Sunday morning yard sales, alone? Sleeping in?
Part of me is excited at the possibility of being debt free in such a short period but the other part can already envision the burned out, crabby mom that I will become. I didnt sign up for single parenthood! Am I just being selfish? Oh well, this is just a vent...we'll see what happens.

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Nuclear Mom said...

I am sure I told you this... but Hans and I did this routine straight out of college. I went to grad school, he went to the North Slope of Alaska to work in the oil fields. He did make good money and paid off his student loans in 2 years, bought a car, and put us in a good financial position for me to go to grad school.

But... it was while we were dating and no kids. It would be SOO hard to do this now both logistically and emotionally.