Saturday, August 19, 2006

8 years later

8 years ago today, my son was born. I remember the look of pure joy on his fathers face upon hearing those three little words...'its a boy'... it made him the happiest man on earth. He loves his girls dearly but every man wants a son.
Eric is a sweetheart. He wants to be a mommas boy but only when dad isnt dads presence he's a tough little boy who wouldnt dream of kissing his mother...ewwwww. Right now, his favorite thing is lizards. He has a lizard bedroom and not a day passes that I dont hear a request for a live one. I 'almost' got him one for his birthday but just couldnt bring myself to do it. I really dont want one of those in my house. Maybe when he's older. We got him an electric scooter instead and that seems to be a huge hit so far. The whole family went to Jungle Jim's for supper at Eric's request. Never again. The food was NASTY! I've eaten there a few times...never by choice...and the food is always less than desirable. I had to send my meal back twice..I bet someone back there spit in it or something. The first time they gave me carribean chicken with fries..I hate fries and would never order them on purpose, I wanted the rice that was on the picture. I got the rice but the whole thing was ice cold so I sent it back again. I'm usually not a bitch about these things but c'mon, is it asking to much to have my meal hot? $100 and a happy boy later, we went home and gorged on a divine DQ ice cream cake...and then I took my bloated self off to bed so I could catch a few Z's before my graveyard shift. Here I sit. Eric let me take an extra piece of cake to work for my snack. Gotta start the diet on Monday.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Happy Birthday Eric! Yumm, ice cream cake!!