Sunday, August 20, 2006

Being bad

I feel like a kid again. Not that I'm ancient but I dont often get the chance to be spontaneous and even fewer chances to get a little wild. We went to a luau last night at my father in laws. The whole family went..myself, hubby and 3 kids. The kids were really good and the oldest was watching the youngest so hubby and I took off to the barn, went up in the hayloft and well, we were spontaneous. LOL. It was dark and we got caught coming out of the barn and even though no one said anything, they knew what was going on. Who goes into a pitch black barn for any other reason? hee hee. We are now trying really hard to find some time to run away together without the children. Wish me luck! =o)


Jay said...

Oh Joey that is wonderful.I am glad you had a little chance at some spice! If there isn't that then WHAT is it all about ehhhh?
Good luck with getting away for awhile.

Shannon said...

Spontaneous is always good. We all need a little spontaneity in our lives.

Jenny said...

That is so great, Joey! I do wish you luck! Gotta have those times where you don't have to worry about the kids and you can just be together! :) Does the oil truck have a nice big bench seat? Shoot, you've got a mini van now, although their benches aren't very wide! LOL