Sunday, August 06, 2006

Aging Parents

I went to visit my dad today. I've never thought of him as being 'old' even though my mother (they've been divorced for years) always says how old he looks. Today was different. He is only 60, give or take a year, but seems to have aged years since the last time I saw him...a few months ago. You know, the whole grunting and knee cracking when you stand up, oodles of prescription meds on the kitchen counter (no point putting them away because they are used several times a day) and the kicker...the thing that made me realize that, hey, my parents are getting old...were the metal safety bars that were recently installed next to the toilet. When you need help to get on and off the toilet, thats scary. Whats scarier is the fact that if 'they' are getting old....I must be too!!! Aaaaggghhhhh!!!!

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