Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Teenager

Yes, I have 3 kids. lol. I spend most of my time with the youngest, and she still lets me take pictures so it may seem to some like I only have one kid...or only want to share one with the world. Not so. I have a teenager as well....I am not prepared for this. She called me from her grandparents house this evening wanting me to make a hair appt. for her. No prob, when and what are you planning on getting done. She wants her hair! Ok, I'm a cool mom. I took this same kid last week to get her nose pierced but stated very clearly at the time that there will NEVER be another piercing unless its in her ears and a tattoo is never going to happen unless she wants to die. She tells me how cool I am, how she'll never get a tattoo, never pierce anything else, stay in school, never drink, no drugs etc etc etc but pleeeeeeeease can she have blue hair. I am obviously not as cool as I thought....any cool mom could see that if you have a blue nose ring you HAVE to have matching hair. DUH!


Shannon said...

Just give her some blue kool-aid and let her do it herself. We used to do that when we were teenagers just to try out a color. LOL

Nuclear Mom said...

Tough one! My sister had the multicolored and shaved head in high school. My mom didn't balk a whole lot because if she did, my sister did it on the sly and didn't keep her in the loop. I fear teenagers!