Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Terrible Twos?

No! This cant be happening. I have always believed that the 'terrible twos' dont really exist. My other kids had their moments but never something I could blame on an 'age'. Little Miss Abby has changed, overnight. During the day, she is a sweet, quiet little thing who plays on her own, naps when I says so and is just a pleasure to be around. Fast forward to supper time. Ugh! She refuses to feed herself (a task she perfected months ago) but also refuses to be fed. Hmmm, does anyone else see a problem here? Diaper changes are a battle! Changing her clothes is a serious workout that leaves me sweating and breathless. And then there is bedtime...every night since forever, I would simply put her in her crib, and walk away. She might play for a bit, talk to herself, on rare occasions she would cry for a minute or two...but now its WAR! Putting her into her crib is now (in her warped little 2 year old mind) the same as dropping her into hot lava. She clings to me, pulls my shirt (it is hilarious when Daddy...the one with the super hairy chest..does this!) squeals and tries to give me hugs...every smart kid knows that mommy will take a hug anytime thus taking her mind off the whole crib thing and leaving an opening for possible escape. I am so glad that I work mostly evenings and dont have to deal with this every night. lol. I went through pregnancy and c-sections, let HIM deal with toddlerhood.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Leif used to go into his crib at bedtime and fall asleep. He would WANT to go to bed and would tell us "night night sleep" when he was ready for bed. This routine disappeared overnight. Bedtime is now a battle.