Sunday, August 27, 2006

When Good Husbands Go Bad

It happens. Last week all was sunshine and roses, today, I want to commit murder. I am sick and tired of coming home from work to a mess. I have to walk through demolitionville to get into the house...this I understand...but why does every room in the house need to be a mess too? All I ask is that I dont come home from working all day, and immediatly have to do the dishes and pick up toys so that I dont go insane. I'm not a neat freak or anything, a far cry from it actually, but I dont have to live in squallor either. I worked yesterday, got home close to midnight, threw in a load of laundry, made my lunch for today, packed Eric's bag for tonights sleepover and tidied a little before bed. This morning I went off to work leaving a semi-acceptable house. After work I threw a fit. The dishes were piled in the sink, there were cheerios crushed all over the carpet, toys everywhere, no beds made....I could go on. The one thing that really made me flip was a cabinet. Apparently Abby pulled it over and spilled the contents all over the place....she got a little ouch in the process. When I see the cabinet I assume it was done just before he left to pick me up at work...why else would it still be there? No! It was done hours ago and wasnt picked up because he is busy working on the kitchen. Ummm, ok, but how does that make it right? I'm busy at work, is it fair that I do it? We had an argument over this. He thinks he should do nothing but 'the kitchen' or whatever project he is working on. Yes, it needs to get done and as soon as possible would be great...but while ignoring everything else? I dont f*cking think so. I've done many room renos and makeovers in this house and managed to stop and feed the kids, do the housework, work full time and still find the time to spend on the computer. LOL.
It seems like we have this argument too often. Will he ever learn or is it time to trade him in? The bastard even brought home a box of donuts a little while ago. Diet sabotage obviously. Prick.

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Jenny said...

ROFL! He'll never learn, he's a MAN! ;)