Friday, September 08, 2006

I owe you one!

I have got to stop saying that. Anytime someone does me a favor, or even does something nice, I follow up with a 'Thanks, I owe you one'. Ugh! I keep forgetting that at some point, the 'I owe you one' becomes a favor that someone will eventually call me on. I have myself roped into babysitting because my sister gave me a pair of jeans and I said...I owe you one. I am spending several hours over the next few days painting my mother in laws rental house because she babysat for me and I guessed it, I owe you one. No more! From now on, I'll say Thank you and move on...if somehow, I forget and say I owe you one again, I'm giving someone a kid or something instead of doing a favor. Keep that in mind if 'I owe you one' and you decide to take me up on it. =o)

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