Monday, September 11, 2006

Wanna buy a teenager?

Seriously! Less than a year in to this teenager thing and I am pulling my hair out. The boys are one thing, the attitude is a whole other area that I am not ready to deal with. I worked Sat. night...before I left I let the teenager know that she had to be in by 11 if she went anywhere. Hubby needed the van so he drove me to work and had to pick me up at 1am. I called home shortly after 11 to say goodnight to teenager, but she wasnt home. I called again at 12, still not home but hubby said he could hear them across the street so he'd just give a shout if she wasnt home in time for him to come pick me up (she has to be here with the other kids...apparently there is a rule about leaving them home alone. lol). I figured he'd deal with that so at 1 I finished work and went outside to wait. No hubby. At 1:15 I decided to call home..hubby answers, says he is just leaving because teenager just walked in the door. She decided, along with a few friends, to walk the other friends home. I was sooooooooo mad! Honestly, if she had called I would have let her stay out til 12:30, as long as she was here in time for hubby to leave. She said she couldnt call because they were at a party, and it was outside. Ugh! It was in a freaking backyard...near a house...with a phone. Anyway, I finally had a chance to sit and discuss this today. I decided on a 1 week grounding and no computer during that time. She was such a little snot! She didnt even understand why. Fast forward to suppertime. I told her that after homework, she has to put away the piles of clean laundry in her room and tidy her other stuff. I go up hours later and it isnt done...know why? She said she didnt want to. She lost her stereo for that one. I told her to have the laundry put away before bed....she didnt do it! She completely ignored me! So, I took the guitar. Next is the tv. Teenagers suck.


Jay said...

Oh Joey, I don't envy you !
Hang in there.

Nuclear Mom said...

Oh no. Have you tried appealing to her emotional side? One thing that killed me when I was that way towards my mom was when she would tell me, "I am not trying to be mean, but I worry about you. I think about everything that can happen when you are out at night and it scares me". My friends all thought I had a ridiculously early curfew (which I really didn't), but I just chalked it up to "my mom's a worry wart".

Jenny said...

We are right at the verge of having teenagers in our home. I'm off to kill my kids right now! LOL ;)