Friday, September 15, 2006

Just's late

I am a kitchen goddess! Ok, so we've been eating crap for a while now. I dont have time to cook anymore and when hubby does, its grillin' or kraft dinner. Today I decided to give the kids a decent meal for a change...when kids start asking for gravy and veggies, something is wrong. I made a fantastic pork loin roast with ooodles of veggies and kickass gravy, but the kicker, was an apple salsa that I made for the pork. I need applesauce on my pork but wanted to make something different. Peeled and sliced apples, apple juice, brown sugar, red onion, maple syrup and crushed chilies. Sounds weird but was sooo, sooo good. The little bit of spicy from the chilies was perfect...and I dont do hot. I've got to get back to cooking again. Decent meals at least twice a week. I get all of my veggies for free, no reason not to eat them regularly.
I was speaking with my grounded teenager today. She thinks it is unfair that her punishment is grounding for 2 whole weeks when her friend was only grounded for 1 day for something much, much worse. My kid came home 2 hours past curfew....the other kid...hit.her.mother! OMG! One day of grounding for hitting your mother. I was floored. What is going on with kids today??? More importantly, what kind of mother grounds her kid for one measly day for something so major??? Makes me ill.
I'm at work right now. It's 5am. I'm tired, hungry, cold and am feeling a tad nauseous. I am DYING to find out if LadyA had her wee one but forums and the like are strictly forbidden at work so I cant go check. It's KILLING ME! I'll be home in 2.5 hours and can check then.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Yum on your pork roast with apple salsa!

1 day of grounding for hitting her mom? I would have been sent away. Emma will thank you someday.